PlayDiplomacy’s Approach to Diplomacy

This page provides information on how has approached the challenge of adapting Diplomacy to a web variant.


Adaption for Online Play.

The rules of Diplomacy are written for face-to-face games. Accordingly, certain adjustments are made to accommodate remote play, and ambiguities are resolved to provide for automated adjudication. These will be familiar to experienced remote Diplomacy hobbyists and are identified in the forum.

Draws & Concessions.

Draws cannot be offered during the first four game-years and concessions are never allowed to encourage competitive play.

Deadlocked Games.

In the event that a game is deadlocked (that is, a player who might achieve a solo is facing an alliance of powers preventing that and the game could, potentially, go on forever) and players cannot agree to a draw, players may request a moderator to end the game under certain circumstances.

The complete criteria and procedure for resolving deadlocked games are detailed in the Rules for Fair Use.

Note: friends, schools, and solo-only games are never eligible for the deadlock resolution.

Setting Changes.

When players sign up for a game, they accept the options selected for that game. However, in the event that all of the players remaining post in pubic press requesting a change to deadlines or the use of finalizing, a moderator can be contacted to make the change. In addition, with reasonable cause and unanimous request, a moderator will change a game’s stats (i.e. rank, friends, etc).