Information for Teachers

This tab is for use by teachers who wish to use as part of their teaching programme.

Registering as a Teacher.

To access this part of the site, you need to register as a teacher below. The first thing you will need to do is contact a Moderator, either through email using the 'Email a Moderator' service on the Home Page header or through Private Message on the forum (send to the HELP! group). A Mod will give you an authorization code so you can then register from this page, using your PlayDip username and the name of your School.

Why bother registering?

Once you have registered yourself and your school, the Teachers tab will now give you access to a number of services designed specifically to make your job easier! You will be able to:

  • Generate blocks of Student accounts for your students to use
  • Add students directly to new Schools games you have created
  • See your current schools games, what state they are in and which students are involved
  • Retrieve (via email) a full list of your Student accounts and passwords at any time

Student accounts

When you register Student accounts through the Teachers page, these accounts have some special features:

  • The accounts can only access Schools class games. This means that they are separated from the rest of the site and therefore will not be subject to the normal site checks over IPs, investigations, etc.
  • The accounts will have no email associated with them. If students wish they can add an email address when they have accessed the account. They do this by going to the MY ACCOUNT section and simply entering an email. This will mean they receive notifications for game phase changes, etc.
  • The accounts will have no Forum access. This is simply to allow students who wish to create a personal account (see below) to not fall foul of our one person, one account rule which also applies to the Forum.
  • The accounts belong to you / the school. So if one student in a game needs replacing, simply give another student the username/password details
  • If necessary (for example if a pupil is temorarily absent) you could even log in as the student yourself and play on

Schools Games.

These games were designed specifically for teachers to use. Again, they have special features:

  • You, the teacher, create the game. There are no special requirements when you create the game other than remembering to check the SCHOOLS class of games.
  • By creating the game you will be classed as the Teacher in the game. This means you will have special abilities: you receive all messages sent in the game, being able to reply to them, and you can moderate the gameís Public Press, which means you can delete any messages you donít find desirable.
  • By being the teacher, however, you do not play the game, simply moderate it. We donít allow teachers to have second accounts to play in their Schools games.
  • If you are a Premium member, you can create any number of Schools games you require. However, if you are non-Premium, the total of all games youíre involved in, including Schools games as the teacher, is three. Therefore, at most, assuming you arenít in any other games, you can create a maximum of three games.
  • You will need to set a password for the game. This password will remain in effect throughout the game.

Personal Accounts

Because Schools accounts are separated from the site in general, should any of your students wish to play other types of game they are free to set up a Personal account. They can do this by simply logging out from their Schools account and registering a new account. The two accounts, Schools and Personal, will not be linked in any way.

If you have any questions or come across any problems, please do not hesitate to contact a site Moderator.

Register as a Teacher (required to use other Teacher functions).

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