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Contribute and help make Play Diplomacy better's main goal is to promote the DIplomacy boardgame to a large audience. This is the reason why playing is free for everyone, and meant to stay that way.

As you can imagine though, this website needs a lot of time and some money to keep things running smoothly. Some players are helping us with contributions or through donations. This website can exist only because of the help from these players, and to thank them they get access to some extra "Premium" features.

What extra features do you get as a Premium member?

  • 1
    Play as many games as you can reasonably handle (up to 100 simultaneous games)
  • 2
    Play with variant rules, on different maps, for example:
Fog Of War
Only see adjacent territories
Age Of Empires
Start with 1 territory
Random starting positions

Other variants include:
- Stuff Happens: random events change the course of the game.
- Winter 1900: choose your own starting units.
- Build Anywhere: build in any supply centre you own.
- Fleet Rome: Italy starts with a Fleet in Rome, not an army.
- Gunboat: no communication of any kind.
- Public Press only: all communications are visible to everyone.

- AND play on different Maps: Milan, Ancient Mediterranean, 1900, Versailles

  • 3
    Play anonymous, to stop other players from carrying grudges from previous games against you.
  • 4
    Play live games, with deadlines every 15 minutes.
  • 5
    Access to Premium member discussion boards, new feature voting and beta testing.

How much does it cost to become a Premium member?

Premium Membership Payment

The minimum payment is 25 dollars / uk pounds / euros. The money goes towards new developments and site running costs.

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We do NOT sell recurring subscriptions. You can quit at any time!
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