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Are casinos not in your vicinity? No problem! Most casino games are available online and simulate the thrill of that of a real-life casino, roulette being no exception! Supplying all sorts of roulette games, Royal Panda New Zealand reinvents the roulette wheel virtually. This allows players from all around the world to test the waters, or more precisely luck! Moreover, a mobile application is available as well. Therefore, LeoVegas Roulette is at the palm of your hand, supplying the same experience as the website! 

What is roulette? 

First things first, let’s talk about roulette and its evolution through the years! The title derives from the phrase “little wheel” in French. The first form of roulette was in France during the 18th century. Credit for the invention of roulette often goes to the mathematician Blaise Pascal.

1996 saw the first ever online counterpart of roulette by InterCasino. Furthermore, by 2008, hundreds of casinos worldwide were offering online roulette games. The predominant wheel worldwide is the single zero wheel. However, the double zero wheel is available in North and South America, as well as Canada.

The number 7 is also quite common! This is because many players consider it a lucky number! Moreover, it is prominent among worldwide cultures. For instance, seven days make up a whole week! There are also seven continents in the world! Additionally, it is significant among a plethora of religions. Mathematically, 7 is a prime number. Dividing a prime number will always leave a remainder. This is why prime numbers are unique!

The number 3 is common as well! The Chinese counterpart of this number sounds like the word meaning “birth” or “life”. It also stands for the stages of human life; birth, marriage and death.

As expected, many players, especially Westerns, view 13 as an unlucky number! Many also associate the number 6 with bad luck due to the “Number of the Beast”. The numbers 0 and 34 are also both unpopular numbers!

The sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel from 0 to 36 adds up to 666. The number 666 is the “Number of the Beast”.

How do you play roulette?

A game of roulette begins with the player placing bets. The croupier then throws a white ball into the spinning roulette wheel. At this stage, bets can still take place. The ball will keep spinning until it eventually lands on one of the numbers on the wheel. The croupier will announce that no more bets can take place as the ball spins.

The ball will land on a number on the roulette wheel. There may be winning players who bet on said number, section or colour. The reward depends on the players’ betting odds.

Inside bets are ones that players can place in the inner section of the layout. However, inside bets offer a higher payout whilst decreasing the chances of victory. Inside bets include straight-up, split bet, three-number bet, four-number bet, and five-number bet, just to name a few.

Whereas, outside bets are ones that players can place in the outer section of the layout. Outside bets offer a lower payout but increase chances of winning.

A single zero roulette wheel appears to increase the odds of a winning bet. Moreover, it also reduces the house edge.

How to win with roulette?

Below are a few strategies to increase your odds of victory!

As the most popular and commonly used strategy, the Martingale strategy is when you increase your bets upon losses. When you eventually win, reimbursement of the money lost occurs. Afterwards, betting takes place with the first amount.

The D’Alembert strategy increases the wager by one unit of doubling it. The wager decreases by one unit upon a win. This strategy is similar to that of Martingale.

The Fibonacci strategy is based on the sequence where the next number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers, starting from 1. It is the safest strategy, but the bet increase may be smaller in comparison with other strategies. Moreover, it may take longer for players to make up for losses.

Any croupier can vouch that the number 17 is the most popular in roulette. Moreover, it has associations with remarkable wins. Actor Sean Connery won twice playing number 17! With a complete bet, Mike Ashley won £1.3 by placing the bet on number 17!

The number 17 is prominent due to its position in the middle of the wheel. This applies for both French and American layouts. Besides, 17 is also a prime number! Therefore, it counts as the most random number for players to choose!

Your lucky number may also work in your favour! This could be your birthday or anniversary! Why not place a bet on your lucky number on your next game of roulette?

Unlike strategy games, roulette relies on luck and not skill! Ultimately, practice makes perfect as well! Familiarise yourself with how roulette works before spending any money. This applies whether you are playing online or at a casino. Moreover, you should also be able to understand betting odds, mainly the inside and outside bets.

What is LeoVegas Roulette?

LeoVegas Roulette offers a never-ending variety of roulette games with different layouts and features. American Roulette, European Roulette, you name it, LeoVegas Roulette will surely have it! Looking for an exclusive online roulette experience? Try out LeoVegas Exclusive! Looking for a real-life casino experience? Why not check out Live Casino? A live croupier will be there for you, and you can also interact with other players worldwide! What’s more, a welcome bonus awaits you! Live Casino is the closest you can get to a real-life casino from the comfort of your home.

Multilingual customer support agents are available via live chat, email and phone on a 24/7 basis. You may also visit LeoSafePlay for further information about gambling concerns. Make sure you are over the age of 18 and to always play responsibly!

Upon registration, royal rewards await you at LeoVegas! What are you waiting for?

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