Best Strategic Online Board Games

Best Strategic Online Board Games

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Although playing strategic board games is an engaging pastime for any group of friends, in-person game nights have long not been a thing. Additionally, the past year has made this activity even more scarce, leaving people with online options only. Luckily, thanks to ever-evolving technology, board games are now available for online play. That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of the top strategic online board games that appeal to all board game lovers.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into this topic, read on because we’ve got plenty to tell.

Catan Universe

Player count — 3–4

If you’re into board games, it’s unlikely you’ve never heard of Catan. The game is everywhere, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can find its online version as well. Players can find it as an app for both their mobile devices and PCs. The app replicates the original Catan game all players know and love, along with multiple expansions and unique variants.

If all of your friends are busy, you can play against AI opponents, so that’s a good thing. However, in case you’ve never played Catan before, the game offers a tutorial to help players dive deeper into this fantastic universe. It’s not a flashy game, but one that will definitely appeal to many board game fans.


Player count — 2–7

One of the longest-standing board games out there is Diplomacy. This board game dates back to the 1950s, teaching players how to deceive their way to victory. Some consider it a real-life friendship wrecker, but that’s unlikely to happen if you switch over to the online version. Besides playing with your friends, you can match with other online counterparts and conquer the map.

The online version differs in the set time frame, which allows for a less intense and nerve-racking game. Players are now free to take turns and play over days and weeks rather than hours. All in all, the online version is more fun than infuriating, resembling other carefree online activities like when you play Treasure Dash. It’s worth trying out, even if you’re not a fan of the original.


Player count — 2+

We all know and love the legendary Codenames game. The game’s simplicity is something that appeals to many, even people who are not board-game-friendly. Luckily, the game is now available online, so you can take a short break and play a round or two with your partner or friends. You can even invite random people online to play against you.

The available online version is free and includes word packs from different Codenames games, including its spin-offs and additional bonus packs. Codenames features an excellent, sleek interface that makes playing online a piece of cake. If you decide to play with a friend abroad, you can even switch the game’s language for easier communication.


Player count — 2–6

If you thought that this classic deck-building board game couldn’t go online, you thought wrong. The game works by handing out cards to players, allowing them to build decks and acquire new cards on each turn. If you haven’t played Dominion before, you should know that it is a game of constant momentum — you always need to be on point and aware.

Apart from having many expansions, its appeal comes from combining different cards in each game, both in a player’s own game and shared marketplace. The base set is free, and it features enough cards for players to mix and match, allowing hours of playtime. However, for a small fee, players can experiment with one of many game expansions.

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