How the integration of smart and other technologies can make your living much more advanced today?


It seems clear that technology has the ability to make life much easier. There is a plethora of software, devices, and mobile applications that can perform or facilitate everyday tasks, but this does not necessarily mean that everyone knows how to integrate these technologies, especially considering the overwhelming amount of technological solutions that exist today. Let’s talk a little bit more about how to achieve the integration of these devices, and the benefits this can have.

Technology in the context of time

Today, our reality is determined by the use of algorithms capable of collecting, analysing, and reacting to large amounts of information. These algorithms are nothing more than programmed responses to specific problems. A great example of this can be seen in the dynamics of casino online websites, which employ these technologies to offer activities to their customers based on their tastes. Furthermore, these gaming providers often make sure that their websites can be used from any device and at any time, making it possible for users to access the service from laptops, tablets and smartphones alike.

One of the areas where smart devices can best be seen to improve people’s lives is the use of time. Studies by Deloitte Spain show that people who do their routine shopping online can save up to 24 hours a month, which they can use for recreation or whatever else they deem necessary. At the same time, the firm found that a single day of remote working can save people up to 4 hours of their time per month in commuting and transport. Likewise, searching for information and documentation online can save up to 5 hours per month for its beneficiaries, something that eventually has the capacity to improve people’s quality of life.

At the same time, Wood conducted a survey in which respondents believe that the use of smart devices can save up to 30 minutes of their time per day. Although this may not seem like much at first glance, the truth is that this figure translates into 182.5 hours per year, almost an entire week. 

Setting targets

The key to making these technologies have the desired impact is to determine the goals you are seeking to achieve and to identify the needs you have in the different aspects of your life. From a work perspective, the use of digital cloud technologies is having a strong impact on the accessibility and distribution of information. The reasons seem obvious: this software allows the creation of massive databases that are cost-effective, accessible, secure, and can be updated constantly. A research by Dresner Advisory Services found that 80% of respondents who are starting a business consider these technologies as “crucial” for their growth. 

While this is just one example of how new technologies can help entrepreneurship, there are countless examples of how technologies can boost people’s lives. At present, technology has made it possible to break down language barriers in the world. Evidence of this can be found in applications such as Duolingo, which in 2021 alone will register more than 30 million new users who can learn new languages, with schedules adjusted to their daily dynamics, and at a very low cost. 

As can be seen, although up to this point we have presented some examples of how technology is improving people’s lives in many aspects; the truth is that, depending on each particular situation, there are currently numerous technological resources within reach that are also capable of exploiting people’s qualities and aptitudes, it is just needed to identify the goals that are expected to achieve, and spot the limitation that could affect the accomplishment of those targets. Once they are in the spotlight, certainly it will be possible to find some sort of technology or software that could improve the procedure by optimising costs and execution times.

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