Rules for Chat here


The following is a summary of the site’s House Rules for playing ANY game on the site:

Rule Breaking.

1.     Multiple Accounts: The site rule is (with one exception) one member, one account. You are not allowed to have more than one account.

a.     The exception is for class-based SCHOOLS games. The following link will explain how to set up such a game and explain the difference between an ‘Official’ account and a ‘Personal’ account -

2.     Multi-Accounting:  If you operate more than one account in the same game, you will be banned. You are not allowed to access two accounts in the same game for any reason.

3.     Breaking rules for specific variants: do not break the communication rules for any variant game.

4.     Dummy accounts: You are not allowed to set up accounts to play games against yourself for any reason.

5.     Inappropriate content: See this Forum link -

6.     Cyber-bullying: This is not acceptable. Cyber-bullying will be dealt with as explained in this Forum link -

Violating the Spirit of the Game.

Every game must stand alone and NOT be affected by:

1.     Team Play: it is not allowed to enter a game with a pre-arranged alliance, or an alliance based upon your relationship with people you know. Every player should be treated equally.

2.     Cross-game play: linking actions in one game with actions in other games.

3.     Negative meta-gaming: attacking a player in one game and linking this with other games.

These are collectively known as ‘meta-gaming’.

Breaching the Separation of Games from the Forum.

The Forum must not be used to influence a game without proper reason.

1.     The Cheaters forum must not be used to place unwarranted accusations, neither should unwarranted accusations be made in a game’s Public Press box.

2.     Players must not post false reports in the Bugs forum in an effort to change the game.

3.     Players must not discuss active games directly in the Rules or Strategy forums.

4.     Players must not ask for replacements in a way that suggests a strategy when entering the game, neither should After Action Reports (AARs) be posted whilst a game is in progress.

The House Rules are fully explained in this Forum link -

The site management WILL take appropriate action whether you are aware of these rules or not, and whether you have a Premium or non-premium account.

Chatbox rules

1.       Do not use obscene or profane language (swearing, cursing, whatever you want to call it).

2.       Do not use language which refers to sexual acts.

3.       Do not use language or content which is racially abusive or abusive towards sexuality, sexual orientation or gender.

4.       Do not refer to acts such as drug use which are considered illegal in many jurisdictions.

5.       Do not threaten, bully or abuse other members.

6.       Do not use the Chatbox to comment on active games.

7.       Do not use the Chatbox to accuse members of cheating, to report possible cheating or report possible bugs. Go to the Forum for that.

8.       Do not post other people's personal information. (And it makes sense not to post your own!)

9.       Do not spam, troll or flame in Chatbox. All advertising of other sites is banned.

10.   Do not use Chatbox to complain about members, or about decisions or actions taken by site management.

Breaking these rules will mean you will have access to Chatbox removed.