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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a game?
Click on Games on the home page, then select Join Game. You will see a list of games you can join. Some are new games waiting for players, while others will say they are ‘active games with surrendered countries’, which means that someone surrendered and the game is therefore open for someone else to step in. Or go to Create new game and create your own.

I’m in a game, how do I submit orders?
PlayDiplomacy uses a point-and-click interface. To enter an order, click the territory in which the unit is that you want to order – note, it is the TERRITORY that is important to click, NOT the unit. Sometimes unit icons can extend beyond the territory boundary, so be careful to click the territory. When you click on the territory, a pop-up box will offer you choices. For example, in an Orders phase you may be offered Hold, Move, Support, and perhaps Convoy if it is a fleet at sea. If you want to Move, click Move and then click the destination territory. If you want to support, click Support and then click the territory you are supporting and then the territory you are supporting into. There is a very helpful information message on the bottom left of the map which should guide you through what to click when.

How do I leave a game?
If you need to have someone fill in for you for a few days, on the Active Games screen where your active games are listed you will see a line for each game saying Name a Substitute. This allows you to pass control to someone while you are away. When you come back, there will be a message to take the game back. If you want to leave the game for good, then click Statistics on the game map display, and at the bottom of the window you will see Surrender. But be aware, surrendering is NOT popular, and will also be recorded against you.

How do I check my orders?
In the game map display, click the Orders tab. This shows your current orders and what is left needing orders.

What does the Finalize Orders line on the orders tab do?
Clicking this just tells the game that you are ready to proceed to the next turn. If everyone has agreed to proceed, then when the final player clicks Finalize the game will immediately progress to the net turn even if the deadline has not yet passed. If you click Finalize and the game does not progress because not everyone has voted to continue, then you can always UnFinalize by simply entering a new order for a unit. This immediately unfinalizes you, and when you are ready again you can now hit Finalize again.

Why do so many games have a password? Where do I get the password?
A lot of players are on the website simply to play games with friends/colleagues/classmates and they protect their games with a password. You won't be able to get in. However, a lot of games created by our forum members have passwords as well, simply to make sure the people who sign up for the games are active and dedicated, resulting in a higher standard of play. If you are interested in joining these games, check out the forum.

How do I offer a draw proposal?
Click on the "statistics" tab. Select all countries that you want to include in the draw and hit the button "propose draw". YOU are always included in the draw proposals you make unless you uncheck your country on the draw list.

Why can't I offer a draw?
To encourage players to go for a solo victory, draw proposals can't be made until Spring 1905.

I see the draw proposal but there is no Accept / Reject button?
There are two possible reasons for this; either you have already accepted / rejected the draw proposal, or the proposal is closed. Note that if ANY active country rejects the proposal, the proposal is dead. Draw proposals require unanimous acceptance by all active countries remaining in the game.

We just agreed a draw, but the game is not on My Finished Games and I didn’t get any score for it?
Two main reasons for this; the first and most common is ONLY RANKED GAMES count towards your score. So if it wasn’t ranked, then it wont count towards your rating. The other is that when draws are agreed, they are not processed immediately – it can take up to an hour. Be patient, and if it has not turned up after an hour or so then get onto the forum and post a Bug report.