A Critique of Philosophy

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A Critique of Philosophy

Postby Chessplayer » 05 Apr 2019, 13:42

Greetings to everyone. Recently, I came up with an interesting idea that I wished to flesh out in the form of an essay. As not to flood my post with one long block of text (and because I have not completed all of it yet), I decided to break it up into chunks. This first part is a general introduction to my theory. The latter parts will discuss Logic, Pragmatism, and a Recommendation based on my idea. Please comment, and refute, refute, refute. I am very much a newcomer to philosophy and would love to have other's input.

Part 1:
The ideas presented in this essay I by no means assume will be generally accepted. Being an amateur to the discipline of Philosophy, I am confident numerous errors in reasoning will be apparent to my betters. I write now only to make record of a persistent notion that refuses to leave my thoughts. Namely, that devotees of Philosophy down through the ages have progressed little, if at all, in achieving the object of their study.

For the purposes of clarity, I will define Philosophy as the attempt to achieve understanding of the abstract through the logical faculties of the mind. Philosophy, it seems to me, is little more than a cluttered storehouse of theory that is made all the more untidy with the additions of each passing century. Ideas, once valued highly may be thrust into lightless depths, never to emerge for centuries. Old forgotten concepts may reemerge into the light of day to be put to use again.

The explanation for this clutter is quite simple - no philosophical principle can be proven accurate or inaccurate. Therefore, any and all ideas proposed must be kept for future reference, as they very well could prove true. As Philosophy, unlike Mathematics and Science possesses few starting principles by which Truth can be reached, only uncertain conclusions can be drawn within its realms.
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