Hell Bent for Leather 9 v2 ... $50M Prize Up for Grabs

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Hell Bent for Leather 9 v2 ... $50M Prize Up for Grabs

Postby Josey Wales » 14 Mar 2019, 22:43

Greetings all,

Was going to wait a while before starting one of these but given how much fun the last one was (that and I have only soloed one of these games myself) setting up another one. I got pummelled early in #8.

155359. Hell Bent for Leather 9 v2 …. slight edit to the game.

If you have the following characteristics, then this is the game for you:

1) Utterly fearless
2) Play with courage
3) Will rip the nuts off a charging pitbull just to enter in Diplomacy orders
4) Would bitch-slap your sweet grandma if she NMR-ed in a game you were in
5) Spam the Shoutbox and everyone else just to gain an advantage

Then this is the game for you. It will be a SOLO-ONLY, ranked Versailles game filled with absolutely the best lying bastards this site can muster.

PM me for the password.

Oh yes, there is a possible prize. I bought a lottery ticket which is currently at $50M here in Australia. I will buy tickets and post should we be unfortunate and not win next week. Join and let's find out if this game will only last a week before I will be too drunk on a beach somewhere with the rest of the 6 lucky winners.

Map variant: Versailles
Game type: anonymous_players
Stats: rank
Draws: Open Ballot
Public: no
Variants: Classic
Map: mapv2

Orders every 3 days
Retreat every 24 hours
Build every 24 hours
Game will reset if NMR on first turn
Protected Game
Don't process deadlines on (GMT+1):
New Year Jan 01, Christmas Dec 25, Halloween Oct 31

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Re: Hell Bent for Leather 9 ... $50M Prize Up for Grabs

Postby The SHIV » 14 Mar 2019, 23:29

After reading #4 :twisted: and seeing those Packers colors ;) on that Lotto truck how can I NOT be in?

Lets do this!

First..........get off my lawn! Second........it's an Admirals Cheesehead! Courtesy of The Craw. Third.....I am SHIV, Keeper of the Stone Tablets! Go Pack!
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Re: Hell Bent for Leather 9 v2 ... $50M Prize Up for Grabs

Postby Groo » 15 Mar 2019, 16:57

Add AOE and FoW and I'm in :P
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