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Postby super_dipsy » 11 Oct 2018, 20:40

There are going to be a few changes to Playdip in the next few days. The first of these has in part been triggered by a recent serious and distressing incident that highlighted the need to be clear about our privacy rules among other things. Related to that, the following is a statement direct from NoPunIn10Did.

NoPunIn10Did wrote:Dear fellow PlayDiplomacy players,

I am voluntarily stepping down as a site moderator. Over the past weekend at WDC, a series of errors made on my part yielded an unfortunate violation of another player's privacy.

I engaged in gossip with my peers, and I revealed sensitive information about private in-game messages that I had come across while investigating an informal report of harassment. While my intent was to keep the particular user's name unknown, others were able to quickly identify the person in question.

Even had that person not been "outed," sharing that privileged information was a mistake and a violation of their privacy. I have apologized to the user in question, and I acknowledge that I have done wrong. Moreover, I should have stopped the conversation immediately rather than let it continue.

At the request of the site leadership, I am surrendering all access to the site admin tools. I will retain admin access on the PlayDiplomacy forums, as that will allow me to continue to assist in managing the PbF community and the new site variant selection/creation process.

I will no longer have access to any other player's private messages, either on the site or the forum. I acknowledge that this is a just penalty for my errors.

The site takes privacy seriously, and it will be updating its terms of use in the near future in order to clarify what access moderators have to private messages. In short, moderators do have access to all in-game messages, but it is their responsibility to only access them when there is a clear requirement to do so. The content of such messages will only ever be discussed with other moderators (or with the players who sent/received them), and only in the process of investigating violations and enforcing site rules.

The reason I have reproduced that statement here is to reinforce the point that we take privacy seriously, as NoPunIn10Did said. So to be clear, Nopun will not be a game-side Mod any more but will continue as a Forum Mod.

The next change is that we will be tightening up the site rules. Basically these more or less follow what Nopun said. We will be making the following points:

All players should be aware that ALL in-game messages are subject to being examined by Mods, but with certain clear conditions attached.
1. In-game messages will only be examined in response to a formal request for investigation from a site member, either through a PM or the Cheaters forum, or as a result of an incident being detected by the cheater-hunting AI software
2. Mods will not reveal the contents of the in-game messages outside of the Mods team, although excerpts may be used to support any resultant action
3. Mods will handle the content with sensitivity and with regard to an individual’s privacy

The final site change is that with a definite lack of attendance by the existing Classicist Mods, Fatmo has agreed to take on the role :D

Thanks to NoPun for the work he did while he was a Mod and for acknowledging his errors, and thanks to Fatmo for volunteering to spend his personal time helping others enjoy the site.
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