Greek City States IV: Winter 499 BCE

7 player map set in the Aegean. Created and GM'ed by Aeschines.

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Greek City States IV: Winter 499 BCE

Postby Aeschines » 16 Sep 2018, 00:51

Spring 498 BCE orders are due September 18, 2018 at 9pm EST and must be cc'd to TTBen & myself

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Sparta: ccloughley
CAPTURE FLEET Gulf of Laconia (that is, the fleet associated with Cydonia)

Thebes: Groo
Build F Thebes nc
Disband A Thermopylae
Convert A Thessaly (make it red!)

Athens: Don Juan of Austria
Build me a fleet in Athens.
Capture the Empire's Fleet in the Gulf of Ephesus.

Destroy the fleet in Myrtoan sea.

Ephesus: Nanooktheeskimo
Build F Ephesus

Illium: StarkAdder
I have no builds to contemplate this winter. The wenches of Lesbos deserted me for a higher bidder. With nothing better to do, I present an Ode to Lost Halicarnassus, written by some blind guy in the local markets....

"Sing, Gods and Goddesses of Achilles’ rage,
Black and murderous, that cost the Halicarnassians
Incalculable pain, pitched countless souls
Of heroes into the Carian Sea's dark,
And left their bodies to rot as carrion
For dogs and birds, as Ephesus’ will was done.
Begin with the clash between Nanookius--
The Eskimo warlord--and short-lived Akphides.

Which of the immortals set these two
At each other’s throats?
Athena or Thebes' brave sons, perhaps offended
By the Akphidian? Discord had he dishonored?
Or Aeschines, our Holy Priest, and TutBenion his apostle?
Nay! The Emperor struck the Halicarnassian camp with plague,
And reveled the soldiers were dying of it.

And what of our fate against one who commands the plague winds
As well as many fleets with black sails, unseen legions in the shadows
And a vast treasury of bribes to lure the loyalties of greedy overlords?

Let us not then die ingloriously and without a struggle
But let Troy first do some great thing that she be told among men hereafter."


Halicarnassus: AKFD
Eliminated fall 499 BCE

The Empire: AardvarkArmy
F - Pergamum (Les)

Minor Powers
None needed
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