Invasion Earth Spring 10

A variant where players start in orbit over a standard map and must descend to claim territories. Devised and GM'ed by Jegpeg. Six players this session, ended in 3-way draw.

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Invasion Earth Spring 10

Postby Jegpeg » 14 Sep 2018, 19:43

Spring is over, while a Portia Nest unit was destroyed there are no retreats so we go straight to Fall.

We have a live draw DIAS draw proposal which if you haven't do so already you can vote on either on the Winter 09 section of the forum or as a pm to me. If not accepted by everyone by the end of Spring 11 it will expire.

Deadline for Fall moves 7pm BST (2pm EDT) Mon17th September

Portia Nest: Aeschines
Berlin s Ruhr – Kiel (cut)
Ruhr – Kiel (2v2 Bounce, dislodged and destroyed)
Munich s Ruhr – Kiel (supported unit failed)

Greys: AardvarkArmy
A - StP - move – Fin (bounce)
A - Lvn - move – StP (bounce)
A - Pru - move - Ber
A - Sil - support - Pru-Ber
A - Gal - move – Vie (bounce)
A - Rum - move - Bud
A - Ser - move – Tri (bounce)
A - Con - move - Bul
F - EMS - move - ION
F - Gre - support - EMS-ION
F - AEG - support - EMS-ION

Mondoshawans: lb1785
Fin S NTH-Nwy (cut)
Hol S Den-Kiel (supported unit failed)
Den-Kiel (2v2 bounce)
Bel S Par-Bur
Mar S Par-Bur (cut)
Gas S Mar H
Spa(sc) S Mar H
Por S Spa H

Army Tyl Move to Ven
Army Tri Move to Vie (bounce)
Army Pie Move to Mar (bounce 1v3)
Fleet TYS Support army Pie Move to Mar (cannot support move to Mar)
Fleet GOL Support Fleet WMS to Hold
Fleet WMS Hold
Fleet Tunis Support WMS to Hold
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Re: Invasion Earth Spring 10

Postby AardvarkArmy » 18 Sep 2018, 06:17

is adjudication coming?

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