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Re: Message Inbox thoughts

Postby LordJezza » 13 Jul 2018, 06:20

Not sure if this is really answering the question directly, but I’d like to see the Inbox/Outbox combined as some modern email systems do... messaged would be stored chronologically still, but if the last correspondence was you sending a message, then it should show that sent message at the top.

This would mean you immediatly can see if you sent the last message, (easy to forget after messaging back and forth between different people), and if they have replied. It would save switching between the sent and inbox message tabs. I’d actually be all up for having one inbox, where all your messages are kept, chronologically, with messages in the same thread from multiple powers are grouped into one, rather than separate folders for each country.
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Re: Message Inbox thoughts

Postby super_dipsy » 13 Jul 2018, 06:50

Charleroi wrote:While we're rearranging the inbox, could we have a display option for a general inbox with messages from all participants sorted by date and time? It can be very confusing when you're organizing alliances and have to flip through several folders to figure out which message in a multi-nation alliance came in first, second, third etc.

Actually, that function was written a couple of years ago but for some reason that I can't remember it never made it to the Live site. If I can find it, it might be worth reinstating it!
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