When is war unavoidable

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When is war unavoidable

Postby musashisamurai » 27 Jun 2018, 23:47

So a long time ago here, I posted about whether war was inevitable or not? . in 8 posts, there were no disagreements, pretty much everyone agreed there would always be some conflict.

I could ask when does a war actually begin-when the war is declared, when its fought, or when people think its war? its the same question Baudrillard posed about the Gulf War.

But naw, I'm asking at what time is war unavoidable and when should someone stop trying a diplomatic or peaceful, non-violent solution? There's several examples I could pose with this-such as the related, when is revolt against your country justified and when does treason become justified revolution, and topics related to the idea of just cause.

So when is war unavoidable and at what time should someone (if they have to for their own safety) switch methods?
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Re: When is war unavoidable

Postby edmgrim » 28 Jun 2018, 00:27

When England moves into English Channel in Spring 01
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Re: When is war unavoidable

Postby V » 28 Jun 2018, 01:05

I’m no philosopher, so can only claim an opinion. It goes as follows;

Many wars have been fought by combatants that had little to gain/lose by the outcome. WW1 has been held as an example of appalling slaughter of a generation on all sides, for motives of only the leaderships (not those that suffered/died). In my view those wars are clearly unjustified. Whatever “other” methods available needed to be further pursued.

However that might not always be true. When a situation is so dire that the alternative to war is worse for those same people who are about to suffer/die in the anticipated war, then it probably becomes justified & unavoidable.

The difficulty is of course establishing if that criteria has been met. Probably the only valid measure is to ask those whose lives/families are at risk (& even that only measures consensus, so not really objective). Additionally nations don’t always have the apparatus to even pose the question (Consensus not often measured in dictatorships).

In most cases probably only history can judge if the correct judgement was made (sadly after the casualties). All I would say is that the judgement is so important that anyone who gets it wrong, shouldn’t be trusted with a second try...
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Re: When is war unavoidable

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 28 Jun 2018, 10:07

edmgrim wrote:When England moves into English Channel in Spring 01

When Germany moves to Burgundy in 01. ;)
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Re: When is war unavoidable

Postby war_horses » 28 Jun 2018, 11:21

But when italy mives to pied in 01 its still avoidavle...
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Re: When is war unavoidable

Postby Octavious » 16 Jul 2018, 16:26

musashisamurai wrote:I'm asking at what time is war unavoidable and when should someone stop trying a diplomatic or peaceful, non-violent solution?

That's the thing, you see? War is part of the diplomatic solution. Time and time again in the middle of a conflict you will hear self serving politicians claim that the only way to stop war x is via a diplomatic solution. No shit. Every war in the history of the world has been ended by a diplomatic solution. War is simply a method of making the diplomatic solution more palatable. Quite often a diplomatic solution to issues can be found without actually having to fight a war, but I can think of very few major solutions that have ever been found without at least the threat of war being used.
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