Diplomacy of Ice & Fire: Spring 300 AC

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84. GMed by Aeschines. Solo win by AardvarkArmy.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire: Spring 300 AC

Postby Aeschines » 16 May 2018, 05:31

Fall 300 AC orders are due May 18 at 9pm Eastern Standard Time!

A Maesters Account of the Beginning of the Three Hundredth Year Since Aegon's Conquest,

Oh, woe is it to be a learned man. Word has only just reached my ears from the Citadel at Oldtown that Dornish brigands have sacked the city. Though the Septons and Maesters were able to prevent their own buildings from burning, few expect the savage Dornish to be satiated with seizing the castle alone. Rumor has it that the Citadel has even ordered the pretty young men training to be maesters to be hidden from the eyes of the Dornish barbarians. Unfortunately, it does not appear that hope is on the way. Though the Tyrells fought a mighty battle against the desert-dwellers in Summer Sea, but were unable to seize the coast of Oldtown, leaving the Redwyne fleet outside the sea walls. Just north, the Tyrell castle at Highgarden has already been assaulted by desperate Lannister forces, bent on revenge. Though they were defeated, brave King Stannis has ordered his forces marched into Ashford and there are even rumors that he might move to seize Highgarden, though no charges have been formally leveled against any of the Tyrells.

That a charge is forthcoming, has become less in doubt as of late. I recently heard rumor that the Tyrells have been in talks to wed their beautiful heir Margaery Tyrell to the lackwit child of the so-called "King" Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. Though no wedding has been held, it would certainly be within the rights of King Stannis to hold the Tyrells accountable if those treasonous whispers are indeed true. in Essos, good news has arrived from Braavos. The brave and loyal fleets of House Stark have reclaimed the city of canals from the Dothraki horsemen and their malicious "Queen." I eagerly await good news from the much-anticipated naval battle likely to flare up in the Narrow Sea between the Whiteharbor fleets and those of this pretender-queen.

Such as it is, such is it written. May the Seven guide my quill.

Maester Eskines

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ccloughley - House Targaryen
The newly constructed fleet in Dragonstone sets sail to the Bay of Crabs to meet the invading scum in battle... succeeded
The fleet in the Narrow Sea aids the fleet in Dragonstone in its journey to the Bay of Crabs... supported unit succeeded
The fleet in Myr sails North along the coast into Pentos... succeeded
The Dothraki horde in Braavos prepares its defenses... dislodged, autoretreated to Bravossi Coast

"Fire and Blood."

AardvarkArmy - House Martell
A - Blackmont - move - Oldtown... succeeded
A - Starfall - support - Blackmont - Oldtown... supported unit succeeded
F - Sandstone - support - Saltshore - Western Summer Sea... supported unit failed
F - Saltshore - move - Western Summer Sea... bounced
F - Sea of Dorne - move - Prince's Pass... succeeded
A - Tyrosh - move - Disputed Lands... succeeded

"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

StarkAdder - House Stark
Army Beyond the Wall -- HOLD. We have no idea what this army is doing up there, and apparently neither does Mance Rayder... succeeded
Army Winterfell MOVE to Moat Cailin. Reinforcements on the way!... succeeded
Army in The Neck MOVE to The Fingers. Head, fingers, knees and toes. Knees and toes... succeeded
Army in The Eyrie MOVE to Gulltown. Closing the Noose on the Lannisters... succeeded
Fleet in the Northern Narrow Sea MOVE to Braavos. To see if there is any gold left after the Dothraki horde swept in, and to may a visit to the Many Faced God. Just in case... succeeded
Fleet in the Shivering Sea SUPPORT Fleet in the Northern Narrow Sea into Braavos. Just in case those Dothraki prove as good at defending as they do an invading. We will help drive their horses away, whether or not they are on top of them at the time.... supported unit succeeded

Thus is has been foretold by the Old Gods. As they have foretold that Winter is Coming.
And it is, fiercer than ever this coming year, so buy your parkas online soon!
Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell
Currently residing in the Eyrie
FYI -- my heir Robb remains at Winterfell
Also -- if you care, my ward Jon Snow is north of the Wall, consulting with the Wildlings; my daughter and second heiress Sansa is with her mother Caitlin at Moat Cailin, safeguarding the Stark liegelords' forces there; my third heir Arya is on the fleets in Northern Narrow Sea, as she has always wanted to visit Braavos and I will try this spring to grant her wish; my fourth heir Bran is incapacitated at Winterfell, though he sometimes takes flight of fancy elsewhere; and my fifth and final heir Rickard is off in the old woods somewhere with his pet Shaggydog.

"Winter Is Coming."

Wobbly - House Greyjoy
F Northern Sunset Sea - Ironman's Bay... succeeded
A The Twins - Kingsroad... succeeded
A Riverlands - Riverrun... bounced
F Casterly Rock S A Lannisport to Hold... supported unit succeeded
F Golden Sea S Casterly Rock to Hold... supported unit succeeded
F Pyke S F Golden Sea to Hold... supported unit succeeded

"We Do Not Sow."

Condude1 - House Lannister
Westerlands-Riverrun... bounced
The Reach-Highgarden... bounced

"Hear Me Roar!"

GPD - House Baratheon
Southern Narrow Sea - Griffin's roost... succeeded
Stormlands s Dornish Marches - Ashford... supported unit succeeded
Dornish Marches - Ashford... succeeded
Storm's End - Dornish Marches... succeeded
King's Landing hold... succeeded

"Ours Is the Fury."

JonS - House Tyrell
Army Lannisport Hold... succeeded
Army Ashford move Highgarden... succeeded
Army Searoad support Ashford move Highgarden... succeeded
Fleet Southern Sunset Sea move Western Summer Sea... bounced
Fleet Redwyne Straits support Southern Sunset Sea move Western Summer Sea... supported unit failed

Heir Tyrell marries Heir Greyjoy to live at Pyke... unsuccesful

"Growing Strong."
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire: Spring 300 AC

Postby AardvarkArmy » 16 May 2018, 06:24

Heir Tyrell marries Heir Greyjoy to live at Pyke... unsuccesful

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! :mrgreen:

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