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Postby the_discourses » 17 May 2018, 16:45

Russia, about my pre-1909 moves:

I helped engineer the downfall of Germany and was the one key piece in destroying him, since you and England together couldn't do it without my help, since Italy was helping him. My reward for this help was you and England taking ALL of the German SC's, giving me nothing. I had good relations with Italy, who kept to the DMZ, and even helped me into Munich on the same turn he moved into N. Africa. A bit of a schizophrenic move.

I viewed you and England as allies, but you and I never directly attacked each other, never were hostile to one another, and had more or less the same goals. You kept pushing me to attack Italy but you did not have the English fleets right at your border who could destroy you if you went south. I did. And if England wasn't attacking you (and he wasn't) and Germany was gone (and he was), I was literally the only target left for an attack. And I was right--the second I went south to deal with the Italian provocation, England tried to massively backstab me.

Now, seeing that England worked to stop me from fulfilling your desires with bad results for him, and you being backed into a corner in the south but an obvious, easy path to expansion in the north with my help, and us two always communicating well and never being hostile, 1909 looked like a great time to work together and comprehensively destroy England in two or three years. We could have easily done it. You, instead, gave England an SC, lied to me about your attack on Kiel so Munich would not be usable to do any kind of cut or attack in ex-Germany, and basically showed me that your relationship with England wasn't just 'regular' diplomacy, but that you were completely caught in England's groupthink. You went out of your way to ensure he would survive and literally hampered me in such a comprehensive way that I understood you were, well, his vassal. You did what he wanted you to do.

If the game was a bit younger, I would have devoted myself then and there to destroying you. I did it to Germany when he pulled the same BS earlier. You placed yourself in a situation where England could destroy you at will and go for a three-way with me and Turkey, something I could never bring myself to do because, unlike with you, England did not start pulling troops back from my border until it was obvious that unless he did, Turkey would solo. The moves had no benefit to you, didn't gain you a single thing, and did not resolve the E/F issue. In fact, because of it, I had to keep friendly with Italy and Turkey since I couldn't trust the E/R motives until the very late game. It's why I was so 'on-the-fence' for so long. I had to wait until it was impossible for the ER to beat me without allowing a solo before I could align with you because I was convinced you were his puppet. And you were. He got you hook, line, and sinker.

There was no way I would or could take your German/Scandinavian SC's if you and I had worked together. Italy and Turkey looked like an even match, and were fighting, so we could have taken over England and then gone for a three-way.
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