Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

A team tournament where the teams are organised by nationality, citizenship or geography. TD: rick.leeds

Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby rick.leeds » 11 May 2014, 12:20

1. TOURNAMENT: The Cup of Nations tournament.
2. PLAYER: A member of the site who signs-up to the tournament.
3. ENTRANT: A player who confirms participation in the tournament.
4. TEAM: A group of players who are linked by nationality or geography.
5. CAPTAIN: The player selected by the team to organise the team and the games entrants will play in.
6. TD: Tournament Director, the member of site who organises and runs the tournament.
7. TR: Tournament Referee, a player of standing in the community that is not competing in the tournament who will adjudicate any issues raised in the tournament that refer to the rules.
8. GAME START: The details sent out by the TD to players for each game. Includes: name, password, assignment.

1. To enter the tournament, players must Premium members and commit to playing out the Tournament.
2. Entrants must sign-up below only and must confirm when asked to do so. Confirmation will be sought by Private Message.
3. When signing-up, players must identify the country they wish to represent. This may be the country of nationality, citizenship or habitation.

1. Teams will be made up of a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 7, entrants.
2. Entrants should represent a "nation" or geographical region. This should be indicated upon sign-up, when players should list the nation/region they are qualified to represent.
3. Representation can be based on nationality, citizenship or the geographical location in which they live.
4. If there are more than 7 entrants that can represent a team, then multiple teams may be created. These teams may be differentiated by geographical location within the country represented, if possible. If this is not possible then entrants may nominate which team they wish to join, although this may require entrants to be placed in certain teams in order to facilitate minimum numbers of members in a team.
5. A deadline will be set for the provisional creation of teams. This deadline will be confirmed at a later date.
5(a). New players may still join the teams up until the TD sends out preliminary game details to the Team Captains.
6. Once the deadline for provisional creation of teams has been reached, members of the team must nominate a Team Captain.
6(a). The team captain will have the following duties:
(i) Organising which members of the team will play in which games.
(ii) Communicating on behalf of the team with the TD.
(iii) Organising any replacement of players who surrender from games.
6(b). Captains are allowed to play in games.
6(c). Should a Captain need to be replaced, the TD will invite the team to nominate another captain.
7. Once an entrant has been appointed to a team, s/he may not voluntarily switch to another team unless:
- The TD requests that players switch teams to facilitate the completion of that team AND the entrant agrees;
- A team folds due to entrants withdrawing, when entrants may be re-allocated to other teams.
7(a). A player that has represented a team in a game may not substitute or replace a player in another team.
8. No team member may represent the team in more than two games.
8(a). If a team requires a replacement or a substitute, players who are not playing 2 games must be chosen first.
8(b). If the provision in 8(a) above cannot be met, then a RESERVE can replace the player. Reserves do not have to meet the qualification provisions.
8(c). If no reserve is available, Captains will be allowed to nominate any player in their team to enter the game, up to a modified maximum of 3 games per player.

Pre-tournament organisation will follow this procedure:
1. The TD will advertise the tournament, post the Rules and invite players to sign-up to the tournament.
2. When there are enough players identifying with a "nation", they will be asked to confirm that they wish to represent this nation. A TEAMS thread will be created to list players in a team.
3. As each team is formed a post will be opened in the TEAMS thread to list the entrants in that team. As new players join that team, they will be added.
4. When the deadline for provisional formation of teams is reached, no new team may be formed. Players may still join teams after this date. Team captains will be nominated at this point.
5. When there are enough teams to run the tournament (minimum of 7) the TD will send out preliminary game details. These details will include the which power the team will control in the game.
6. Captains must then allocate players to the games. This can be by any means the captain chooses. Entrants MUST play the game(s) and power(s) allocated. Captains are responsible for communicating this information to the TD.
7. The TD will then send out game start information to all entrants and the captain. Game start information will include:
- Game name and number;
- Password;
- Assignment.

1. There will be a minimum of 7 teams. If there are more than 7 teams, some teams will not play in all games.
2. Each team will play 7 games in total.
3. A team will play each power once.
4. Results and scores for each game will be collated by the TD.
5. When the last game finished, the TD will announce the team which has won the tournament.
NB: Teams are, allowed to discuss tactics and strategy across all games in which they are involved. They are not allowed to discuss strategies with other teams.

1. All games will be REGULAR, CLASSIC games.
2. They will be ANONYMOUS PLAYERS.
3. They will include Finalize, DIAS and Spring 1901 NMR protecttion.
4. Games will be No Rank.
5. Deadlines will be 2/2/2.
6. Games will be played until:
- a solo victory is obtained;
- a draw is agreed, or
- the end of Builds 1912. (Should a game reach this stage, players can continue playing, but it will be scored for Tournament purposes as if a draw had been accepted then. Details of this game will NOT be posted unless it is the final game to end.)
7. Should a game require re-starting because of a Spring 1901 NMR, the player who was removed must be replaced by following the protocols at C8 above. If a replacement cannot be found, then the game will be re-set with the original players LESS THE REMOVED PLAYER with the TD playing the power and holding it in Civil Disorder. The team involved if the TD is required to enter the game will lose points as per scoring below.
8. Players may request one delay in deadlines per game by contacting the TD. This is meant to prevent the need to surrender or find a substitute unnecessarily.
9. Unless requested otherwise in a specific game, the game map/icon will be the site default.

There will be three scoring systems described below.
1. Primary Scoring.
This is based on game results.
Solo = 18 pts.
2-way draw = 11 pts each.
3-way draw = 6 pts each.
4-way draw = 4 pts each.
5-way draw = 2 pts each.
6-way draw = 1 pts each.
7-way draw = 0 pts.
Loss = -1.5 pts.
Replaced by TD = -3 pts.

2. Secondary Scoring.
Should teams be tied on points, ties will be broken using Aggregated Power Comparison Rating (APCR).
ACPR Scoring.png

TP = tournament points per game
GS = game score
CS = total points earned by the power played in the game across all games
n = number of games in the tournament
N = number of rounds.
This is calculated for each team for each game they play in. So, if England play France in a game, the score they earned through primary scoring becomes GS; all the points scored by teams playing France across all games becomes CS; the number of games played in the tournament becomes n and the number of rounds played in the tournament becomes N. The result becomes TP for the England team for that game. The England team will gain a TP score for each game they played in and these scores are added up to produce a number of points.

3. Tertiary Scoring.
Should teams by tied on points AND on APCR, ties will be broken by head-to-head ACPR scores.
This is accomplished by calculating ACPR scores for only these tied powers in only the games they played in together. The same formula is used as quoted above, where:
TP = tournament points per game
GS = game score
CS = total points earned by the power played in the game across all games in which the tied powers played in together
n = number of games in the teams shared in the tournament
N = number of rounds.

1. Captains and entrants must not divulge the identity of players in a game outside of the game.
2. Captains and entrants must not divulge the power a team is representing in a game outside of the game.
3. Captains and entrants must not discuss potential player identities or the teams they represent outside of the game. The exception to this is that teams may discuss this within team only communications.
3. Within a game, a player may claim an identity or claim s/he represents a team. This cannot be confirmed until the game actually finishes.
4. Similarly, within a game players may speculate upon the identity of a player controlling a power or the team another power may be controlled by.
5. The TD will maintain anonymity by not publishing updated tables or results for a game until that game is ended. This includes not publishing results for games that finish for tournament purposes at the end of 1912 but which are on-going until that game ends unless this is the last game to end.
6. Any anonymity rules which are broken should be referred through to Team Captain to the TD, who will verify the breach and refer the case to the TR.

1. Should a player surrender from a game whilst still active in that game, the TD will request a replacement via the Team Captain.
2. Should the captain be unable to provide a replacement through the provisions in C.8(a) above, the TD will seek a replacement.
3. Should there be no reserves, the TD will advertise for a replacement.
4. Should no replacement be found, the TD will refer back to the captain, allowing the captain to nominate a player via the provisions of C.8(c) above. Should a replacement be found via (3) above, this will take precedence.
5. Should a replacement not be found or possible, the game will be played out as is.
6. The TD will delay the game deadline for an appropriate period to allow this. A delay in deadline will be communicated via Public Press and players should not finalise during this period.
7. Players who surrender from a game MAY be used in other games as the team requires if available.

1. Players should notify their captain and the TD of this necessity, allowing the for a finding of a replacement. Replacements will be found as described in section I above.
2. If possible, players will be asked to continue to play, or to play-out, games in which they are active, until a replacement can be found.
3. Players who resign from the tournament may not be used in any other tournament games.

1. Should a player require a substitute for a period in a game or games, this should be communicated to the Captain and the TD.
2. Providing a substitute should follow the procedure for replacing a surrender above, but follow the substitute procedure on site.
3. Other than provisions elsewhere in these rules, a substitute may also not be:
- playing in ANY other game ON SITE in which the player is involved (as per site rules);
- a player who has resigned from the Tournament WITHOUT THE CONTACTING THE TD.
4. A reserve may be asked to substitute unless s/he has substituted for another team already.
5. If a reserve agrees to substitute for a player, s/he may still subsequently replace a player in the Tournament in any team.
6. The TD may delay deadlines to facilitate the finding of a substitute.

1. Should a player/player(s) believe a bug or other site-related incident has affected the game, s/he should contact the TD about it NOT post in the Forum.
2. The TD may choose to "suspend" the game by extending deadlines until the bug can be investigated, and would notify players in the game of this.
3. Any errors which cannot be evidenced as the result of a bug, any actions occurring because of a bug and anything that cannot be corrected will NOT invalidate the game within the Championship.
4. A perceived inconsistency between orders and reported orders will not be considered a bug.

1. Delaying the game in subscription/confirmation and causing the game to therefore be re-set:
- first occurrence: the player will be warned;
- second occurrence in the same game: expulsion from the Tournament;
- three occurrences in different games: expulsion from the Tournament.
2. Breaking anonymity rules, whether active or inactive in a game: expulsion from the Tournament.
3. Breaking site rules on game play in non-tournament games: penalty dependent on cheating resolution.
NB: Site rules will be enforced irrespective of a players standing in this tournament. The TD reserves the right to expel players from the tournament for extraordinary circumstances (eg lengthy or repeated Forum bans).
4. If the tournament has a TR, the TD will refer the case to the TR for adjudication. If there is no TR, the TD will be responsible for carrying out this role.
5. The TR's final decision is not open to appeal.

Should any situation arise that is not covered by the Rules, the TD (and TR if one exists) will decide how to deal with the situation. Team Captains will be given input if this is possible. Attempts will be made to resolve the situation within the spirit of the rules.
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Postby rick.leeds » 11 May 2014, 12:27

If you are interested in participating in this tournament, please sign-up below. DO NOT SEND A PM, please.

When signing up, please indicate, in this order:
- your nationality,
- your citizenship if different (some of you may have dual or multiple citizenship; if this is the case indicate all);
- the country you live in,

If any of the above involve USA, please also give the state you live in; if any of the above involve Canada, the equivalent; if any of the above involve UK, the country within the UK. This will be used should teams representing those countries are larger than required.


Code: Select all
Prospective Teams     Players               Countries/States/Provinces    Additional info
England               Obh36                 UK
                      cesspitt              UK
                      Pb10gon               UK
                      jakofipa              UK
                      charliepayne007       UK
                      glacier777            UK
                      hitsukima             UK

Europa                mambam14              Netherlands
                      ThorondorNL           Netherlands
                      moha                  Germany
                      andun                 Ireland
                      norlight              Ukraine
                      Palin                 Greece

Italy                 simblanco             Italy
                      Maucat                Italy
                      MarkENO               Italy
                      MsKhaleesi            USA                           Connecticut

USA                   SaltySailor           Texas
                      aBagorn               Pennsylvania                  Ireland/Europa
                      AlmanMEin             Maine
                      timg                  Maryland
                      Gambit135             New York                      Armenia/Europa
                      Marquis de Lafayette  Pennsylvannia                 Canada/Ireland/Northern Europe

Canada                Ecallaw               Alberta                       Scotland/Europa
                      jayahr                British Columbia
                      condude1              British Columbia
                      pocus                 Quebec
                      tourdefeu1            Quebec                         

Oceania               Marky Mark            Australia                     Portugal/Europa
                      xavier77              Australia
                      StarkAdder            New Zealand                   USA/Virginia
                      jimmygrimble          New Zealand                   England/Europa

Southern Hemisphere   Ricgraz               Argentina                     Italy
                      mariscal              Paraguay
                      franfloresjr          Venezuela
                      BionicTwiglet         South Africa

Explanation At present, I have organised the teams in such a way as to make them (almost) viable... with one current exception which you'll spot! These teams are not set in stone (although we are two players away from a full England team). It may be that team allocations will be changed, depending upon whether we are able to set-up teams which are not represented. For instance, I think there is potential for an Italian and a Dutch team... there are a number of players on site from those countries. This may mean that we have a Rest of Europe team, for instance.

At present we WILL have an England team and a USA team... unless we get more sign-ups for USA than is needed, when we might split the USA team OR transfer players to another possible team (eg aBagorn COULD represent Northern Europe/Rest of Europe/Ireland!).

These teams are all prospective still.
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Obh36 » 11 May 2014, 12:31

So there is a team for each nation? Or just one player? I didn't really get that, sorry if I'm being stupid.

If it's a team, if England don't get enough players, I'll do it.

Nationality - English
Citizenship - English
Residing in England
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Obh36 » 11 May 2014, 12:32

Ah, sorry, I've just found it.
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby cesspitt » 11 May 2014, 12:56

I am in please.

Nationality: British
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Habitation: England (East Anglia if we somehow get more than the 7 for UK)
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Ricgraz » 11 May 2014, 13:17

Nationality: Argentinian
Citizenship: Argentinian, Italian
Residence: Washington, DC, USA
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby SaltySailor » 11 May 2014, 14:53

I'm in.

Nationality: USA
Citizenship: Texan
Country of Residence: The Oasis of West Texas, god's country
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Gooderian » 11 May 2014, 15:56

I really want to join this, it gives me a source of games to play.

Nationality: the Netherlands (not holland!)
Citizenship: Dutch
Country of Residence: the Netherlands.
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Ecallaw » 11 May 2014, 16:24

I'd like to give it a go
Citizen of Canada Reside in Alberta Canada
Will play for Canada Or Scotland please don't stick me with the Yanks or Brits
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Re: Tournament: CUP OF NATIONS

Postby Moha » 11 May 2014, 17:07

Would like to join too

Nationality: German
Citizenship: German
Residence: Germany
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