Technologies and Projects (CYOC)

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Re: Technologies and Projects (CYOC)

Postby RedSun » 17 Jan 2020, 18:36

Subotai45 wrote:Yep, and it has the effect of grounding it and science and balancing it too. Inside your turf, you're powerful because you have the nanobots, but it's less effective on the offense, and people can develop countermeasures more easily.

Okay, so if I make it so Project Aesir is super effective where I have the time to lay out the nanobots then is that good? (And less effective elsewhere)
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Re: Technologies and Projects (CYOC)

Postby Subotai45 » 17 Jan 2020, 21:21

Yep, basically. Some things (like voids) aren’t super sciency but like, you can shove Nanobots up peoples noses to suffocate them and have them emit liquid nitrogen to freeze things or whatever.
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