C-Dip Scoring System Explained

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C-Dip Scoring System Explained

Postby dib » 02 Feb 2020, 13:07

The C in C-Diplo scoring system stands for 100 like the ROMAN numeral

The way C-Diplo works is to award points at the end of the game as follows :

1 point for playing : Total 7 points
1 point per s.c. : Total 34 points
38 bonus points for the table-topper : Total 38 points
14 bonus points for 2nd place : Total 14 points
7 bonus points for 3rd place : Total 7 points
Grand total : 100 points.

For more reading on this pros and cons here
http://www.diplomacy-archive.com/resour ... -diplo.htm

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