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Re: Inappropriate Communication

Postby Guns of Brixton » 30 Mar 2018, 14:18

duckling wrote:Well...

- if he really cares about whatever bad PR or punishment he gets, he'll most probably also listen to reason.
- and if he is a maniac and doesn't care to change his way, no amount of punishment is going to set him straight. If he's kicked out, he can just as well return with a new account and keep bugging people, if only to feel he's getting back at, or winning over those who got him kicked out.
- if its all an act, and he's just trying to get attention (either in the game or in general), the only cure is to just completely ignore him. Don't give him the attention he wants. He'll get bored and leave on his own accord.

So after receiving a few love letters myself a few years ago (example attached), I just ignore this kind of jerk. They seem to hate it, and I don't mind that at all.

Or just a simple:
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Re: Inappropriate Communication

Postby FredSpofforth » 17 Oct 2019, 15:00

abusing someone during playing an online game is totally unexpected. I am new to this game, going to start soon. Hopefully I shall not experience any such situation that will lead me to quit from the game. wanna play fair and communicate gently.
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Re: Inappropriate Communication

Postby super_dipsy » 18 Oct 2019, 09:56

FredSpofforth wrote:abusing someone during playing an online game is totally unexpected. I am new to this game, going to start soon. Hopefully I shall not experience any such situation that will lead me to quit from the game. wanna play fair and communicate gently.

Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy it.

While players often get rather emotional and aggressive, there are rules! Messges posted in Public Press are visible to all and as such the rules are stricter than on in-game country-to-country messages, but even these internal ones have limits although they are less strict. Here are the rules regarding PP and message content to give you an idea of what is or is not acceptable.

7. Public Press (reproduced from Fair Use rules for reference). Posts made in a game’s Public Press may not feature any of the following content:
- Racism;
- Overtly sexual or sexualised material;
- Content which express hatred towards sexuality, sexual orientation or gender;
- Threats linked to actions off- or on-site;
- Extreme profanity;
- Abusive personal attacks on members of an extreme or defamatory nature;
- Posting other people’s personal information;
- Spamming;
- Advertising;
- Any accusation or discussion of potential cheating by active players in the game;
- 'Flood' Public Press.
Posts which, in the opinion of the site’s management, contain such content, whether in text, images, GIFs or other forms, including links to content which is prohibited, will be removed and appropriate action taken.
NB1: Casual obscenity will not be acted upon – Moderator decision.
NB2: Mild personal abuse will not be acted upon – Moderator decision.
NB3: Content which contains illegal material of a sexual nature or which promotes illegal activities will result in a permanent ban from the site.
NB4: We accept that, occasionally, slow processing may lead to players sending the same post unintentionally. 'Flooding' will therefore be taken to be excessive posting of the same, or similar, messages and 'excessive' will be within the judgement of the investigation moderator.

8. Messaging Rules
The following rules are on player-to-player or power-to-power messages in a game. Although the main focus will be Ranked and No Rank games, these rules also apply in principle to all game types. However, in Schools games the Teacher will moderate content, and Friends games will be given more leeway to reflect tacit agreement among the friends on what is acceptable between them.
- Members are not allowed to send direct (power-to-power) messages in games repeatedly, ie 'flood' another player's inbox (based on a Mod's assessment)
- Messages should follow the same guidelines as PP, although since they are 'private' Mods will grant more leeway when judging inappropriate content
- Messages between players/powers must not be encrypted or coded in such a way as to make the message unintelligible.
NB: Non-English messages between native speakers in games are fine. If we can translate a message and it makes sense, there's no problem.
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