Another meta, hard to understand cheating, really

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Another meta, hard to understand cheating, really

Postby WarSmith » 06 Jan 2018, 18:05

Players Gunter.gut and charlespictet are removed from two games (138471 and 138492) and suspended for metagaming.
- Entering a game with a pre-set alliance
- Breaking the anonymity of an anonymous game
- Communicating outside of the game messager
They are new players, but unfortunately as when they do communicate in the messenger it is in a language that I (and google) can't decipher, so I cannot prove them any less guilty/naive of the metagaming rules - and have suspended them for now, pending replies.

Here's a reminder on our foreign/coded language rules for messages:
Encrypted/Coded Messages. Messages between players/powers must not be encrypted or coded in such a way as to make the message unintelligible.
NB: Non-English messages between native speakers in games are fine. If we can translate a message and it makes sense, there's no problem

Apologies to the players impacted in the games - this suspicion was flagged by a player a week ago but I couldn't act too quickly because of the language issue, and believe me I tried very hard to decipher their messages!

The two games have been unranked as these alliances were too much impact on the game state.

I hope the players will come back with full explanation and we can reinstate their accounts. And maybe I can start to learn an (8th) language in the process ;)
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