Spring 7AD Orders

A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)

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Spring 7AD Orders

Postby marsman57 » 19 Sep 2016, 07:19

Carthage reaches all the way back to Fall 4AD, but it seems to be for naught as the adjudication leaves the map unchanged. Persia creates a ghost unit prancing through Grecian territory through changing a retreat which results in the auto-disbandment on Cil. Otherwise no changes and a fairly straightforward adjudication leads us to a single retreat from Carthage before Fall. Retreat due by 9/20 0500 UTC (0100 EDT)

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Rome (red) - nanooktheeskimo - TT Points: 3
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Rav to Ven - Resolved
Vin to Ill - Resolved
Mau to Sah - Resolved
PUN to Car - Resolved
ION to EPI - Resolved
AUS to MES - Bounced 1v1
Sic to AUS - Bounced 1v1
Apu to ADR - Resolved
GOT to Lep - Bounced 1v2
Tha to Num - Resolved
Cir S Tha to Num - Resolved
BER H - Resolved
Car to Tha - Resolved

Carthage (blue) - I Love Italy - TT Points: 1.5
TT Orders:
Fall 4AD Car-Pun
Current Orders:
Pun-Sad - Illegal order, no unit
(A Num HOLDS) - Dislodged, retreat needed

Greece (green) - Aeschines - TT Points: 15
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Mac - Ath - Resolved
Aeg - Spa - Resolved
Cre - Egy - Bounced 1v1
Min s Cil - Illegal order, no unit in Cil
Cil s Cap - Ant - Illegal order, no unit
Arm - Dam - Resolved
Sip - Cap - Bounced 1v1

Persia (gray) - ferdy0 - TT Points: 3
TT Orders:
Spring 6AD - Cil retreat Mil
Current Orders:
Mil-Byz - Resolved
(A Ant HOLDS) - Dislodged, auto-disbanded

Egypt (yellow) - EpicDim - TT Points: 3
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
lep s num - Cut
mes s egy - cre - Cut
cyr - lib - Resolved
mar s lep - Resolved
ale - egy - Bounced 1v1
egy - cre - Bounced 1v1
cyp - cil - Resolved
syr s cyp - cil - Resolved
dam - ant - Resolved
sid s dam - ant - Resolved
tye - ara - Resolved
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Re: Spring 7AD Orders

Postby I Love Italy » 20 Sep 2016, 00:38

Destroy a Num
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