Fall 6AD Orders

A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)

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Fall 6AD Orders

Postby marsman57 » 12 Sep 2016, 15:11

Spring 7AD Changes:

Fall6AD_Spring7AD.gif (68.87 KiB) Viewed 1202 times

Adjudication identical to original. There is just an extra unordered unit in Mil.

Original Orders:
I came into the adjudication to this phase expecting that we'd be down to three players, but Egypt explicitly saves Carthage and implicitly (unintentionally???) saves Persia through his TT order change. One retreat necessary from Rome. Builds are pretty light as well. Egypt earns one and Rome will have one if he disbands his retreat (otherwise zero). So if you guys want to go ahead and get those in, we can move toward Spring.

Fall Retreat due 9/13 at 1300 UTC (0900 EDT)

Fall6AD.gif (68.95 KiB) Viewed 1238 times

Rome (red) - nanooktheeskimo - TT Points: 1
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Pun to Car - Resolved
Mau S Tha to Cir - Resolved
Tha to Cir - Resolved
Num S Tha to Cir - Cut, dislodged, retreat needed
Rom to Rav - Resolved
IBE to BER - Resolved
Nea to Apu - Resolved
AUS to ION - Resolved
GOT to AUS - Resolved
GOS to GOT - Resolved
Sic to Pun - Resolved
TYN to Sic - Resolved
Vin H - Resolved

Carthage (blue) - I Love Italy - TT Points: 2.5
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
A Cir-Num - Resolved

Greece (green) - Aeschines - TT Points: 13
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Cil - Cyp - Bounced 1v2
Min - Cil - Bounced 1v1
Aeg - Min - Bounced 1v1
Cre s Min - CIl - Invalid Order, cannot support move (Cre not adjacent to Cil)
Ath - Mac - Resolved
Arm s Isa - Cap - Resolved
Isa - Cap - Resolved
Sip s Isa - Cap - Resolved

Persia (gray) - ferdy0 - TT Points: 0
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
sid sup cap to ant - Invalid Order, no unit
cap to ant. - Resolved

Egypt (yellow) - EpicDim - TT Points: 1
TT Orders:
Spring 6AD: dam-sid
Current Orders:
sid - dam - Bounced 1v1
ant s sid - dam - Invalid Order, no unit in ant.
egy - cyp - Resolved
syr s egy - cyp - Resolved
jer - tye - Resolved
ale - egy - Resolved
lib - mes - Resolved
mar s lep - Resolved
lep s cir - num - Resolved
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Re: Fall 6AD Orders

Postby Nanook » 12 Sep 2016, 21:27

Num retreats to Tha
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(h/t lordelindel)

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