DEFAULT RULE for deadlocked games

Rules which apply in all Play-by-Forum games unless the GM's House Rules say otherwise.

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DEFAULT RULE for deadlocked games

Postby Pedros » 19 Jan 2013, 16:09

The general ethos here in DVFGs feels as though we will are never likely to face the problem of a game which is deadlocked but where the remaining players are unable to agree a result. But attitudes may change, and certainly in some games feelings between players can run very high - which is often the reason for deadlock and failure to agree. So we ought to have a recognised process for dealing with it when and if it happens.

As usual with these games, the GM may write into House Rules a different procedure or a modified version of this one. But if not, the following rule applies with immediate effect:-

Deadlocked games
Where no significant movements have been made for two full game years (which need not be Spring-Winter calendar years) and (after a request from one or more players, which may be in private) in the opinion of the GM the game is deadlocked, but the players are unable to agree a result, the GM shall have the power to declare the game a DIAS.

Before doing so however the GM must give all players notice that he intends to do this at the end of the next movement phase unless any player produces a convincing demonstration of how, given more time, he may be able to break the apparent stalemate. Intention to continue ordering whilst waiting for another player to NMR is not a valid argument in these circumstances.

If the GM does not accept this demonstration as a true way of breaking the deadlock, the player may appeal to one experienced GM (whose identity will be agreed between the player and the GM.) The opinion of the second GM will be final.

It may happen that players continue with a deadlocked position despite there being no apparent likelihood of change, but no player wishes to . In such a case, where this situation has gone on for at least three game years, the GM may warn the players that he is considering ending the game as DIAS because it appears to him to be deadlocked with no prospect of significant movement. In this case the GM will similarly give notice of his intention to end the game at the end of the next movement phase, but shall give players a similar opportunity to argue why it should not be done; and in the event of disagreement the issue shall similarly be referred to another experienced GM.
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Re: DEFAULT RULE for deadlocked games

Postby djantani » 19 Jan 2013, 16:18

I think it is a good idea to have a rule in place just in case. As I mentioned in a previoous post I did happen to be in that situation. In that case all 7 countries were stil in the game and england, the largest with 10 Scs, wouldn't agree to a draw.
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