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Mobius: Greater Mobius

Postby Zander » 25 Aug 2012, 23:33

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The Imperial Census: This google spreadsheet should be considered the authority on all of Mobius's statistics, even more so then this thread. Stats are dumped into the thread regularly, but check there for the most up to date stats!

Satellite Threads:
Project Hadrian: Our greatest project, and the embodiment of our promise to protect the people of Earth
Zander's Oddments: for all your flavor shopping needs.
Svalbard Arena: Bloodsports on the maverick isle.

Mobius is a solid political organization tying together many nations. Those who join cede a good deal of Sovereignty in order to gain the power of the arguably the most powerful country in the world. Mobius is peacefully expansionist, and is known for its ability to culturally assimilate large populations. Unlike many other modern nation it has few "colonies," but many assimilated states.

Mobius is led both by a senate, and by a group of leaders from the various Mobius states. This group, known as the Reykjavik council, has near absolute authority. Each major state gets one vote in the delegation, and each state may determine who gets sent however they wish. The founders of Mobius, the NVC and Nejaneb, retain a veto right in the council, but otherwise have a single vote just like all major members.

The Prime Minister is considered leader of Mobius, but he still has to answer to the Reykjavik Council.


Mobius.png (1.76 MiB) Viewed 3084 times

Total Population:
Last Census: 4.535 Billion

Population Growth: Max food production reached. Capped until further tech development.

Government: Imperial Confederacy

National Anthem: The 4th movement of Antonín Dvořák's From the New World

Cairo, Egypt (Economic, diplomatic, Senate)
Reykavik, Iceland (Militaristic, Council)

The capital in Cairo hosts the Mobius high-senate. In order to create the senate chamber, the Mobius government carved out and re-built one of the collapsing great Pyramids, using glass, granite, and gold to re-shape the ancient structures. The internal chambers have been re-made into meeting halls, offices, and a great debate chamber. Of course, the building has full climate control.

Reykavik, on the other hand, is the epicenter of military and research activity. It is a showcase for Neo-viking paranoia. Iceland itself is wrapped in a particularly nasty plasma shield. The safest location in the entire city, the control room set aside in case of world war, has no less then fifteen shields between it and most of the outside world. Hundreds of miles of underground tunnels and research facilities are used to create and guard the secrets of the Mobius empire, and act as an area from which to control the nation's military might. Reykavik is one a closed circuit: its power is generated internally, its food grown within the shields underground, visitors must go through a series of checks and searches, even its "internet" is an internal network separated from the outside world by physical means. In this Labyrinth, a small group of representatives meet to determine the future of the empire.

Major Member states:
The Neo-Viking Confederacy, led by ArchChief Zander
Technische, Led by President Kingpie3
Nejaneb, led by High Chancellor Bobbill1
Clayton, led by President Ishine
Pacifica, led by Admiral Musashi
Ninja clan, led by Head Ninja Guy Ninjaruler

Minor States:
Venir Collective (Has senate delegation, the Arch-Chief represents them on Council.)
Alaska (Mobius claims part of the NVC, but locals viciously fight this. Long story)
Svalbard Republic (NPC, little Mobius control)
Airstrip One (The old UK, renamed and re-purposed as a spacecraft center. Under the stewardship of Admiral Musashi)
Union of Orbital Peoples (Controlled indirectly by High Council)
Free State of Maine (The Glorious free state of Maine. No vote on council, but has modest representation in the senate)
The Night's Watch (The many denizens of project Hadrian, and some of the toughest guardians in Mobius)

New Scandinavia (A rather large and moderately populated region with a mixture of Scandinavian cultures)
Pacifican India (An India which is much less densely populated then in times past. It has settled happily into Pacifica)
Martian Colonies
Jupiter Colonies

Military: (Note: These are the forces directly under the control of the main government of Mobius, and are mostly Nejaneb and Neo-Viking. Many countries have their own forces. Most notably, the Mobius navy is primary under the control of Admiral Musashi. See his entry below)

Current Status: Peacetime, standing army

Personnel (Note: some citizens fall in multiple categories)
14.62 Million Active Military Personel
85.7 Million Reserves
Many, many, militia. (Over 1.5Billion militia in a multiple trillion dollar program)

When time allows, Mobius foot soldiers go through a good deal of training. Professional soldiers spend six months training in four different training facilities. A boot camp, followed by a training facility located in Greenland, followed by a training facility located in sub-Saharan Africa, and finishing up with a training facility in the plains of Europe. Pilots, sailors, and drone controls have a little easier time of it, instead spending their time in specialized schools located in other rather harsh environments.

In addition, personal have had enhanced body parts to fit their roles within the military. Infantry, for instance, have a special hardened bio-tech skin coating, that wears off after a few moths if a special steroid is not consumed. Snipers, on the other hand, have eyes with that are particularly good at making out details. Similar changes have been made throughout the entire military.

Cyber Warfare: Mobius tends to be defenders, not attackers, in cyber warfare. As a rule, most military units use a minimum of networked parts. Most of the military relies on difficult to infiltrate bio-computing and pre-prepared firewalls. However, we also have a significant anti-hacker core to fight against a serious infiltration. An ancient tradition in the Mobius army is the Watchtower Protocol: an order to de-network military computers. This drastically cuts the effectiveness of computing but prevents hacking completely.

Hacking Defense Core:
150,000 whitecaps.
500,000 Personnell
Over three offices In Cairo, Reykavik, and PAcifica
Also one very expensive toilet seat.

Tanks and Vehicles
Vehicle numbers are usually kept proportional to the standing army of the Empire. Our army contains:
3.2 Million Assorted Support Vehicles
492,000 Tanks
736,000 Artillery Pieces
And over 2.4 Million Drones and assorted Screening Vehicles

97 Capital Ships
873,969 Sailors
4,680 UUVs
496 Submarines
560 Corvettes
340 Destroyers
66 Frigates
183 Other Ships

(A Subset of the Navy)
286,830 Marines
22,483 (Subset: Ogres)
25,920 APCs
16,470 Artillary
68,300 Aircraft
4,420 Other

Air Force
910,000 Airfolk
20,150 Fighters
4,920 Strike Fighters
4,900 Bombers
2000 Close Support
927,000 Drones
8,400 Helicopters
3,525 Airships

Space Force
6,250,000 Crew
1,380,000 Space Marines
263 Capital Ships
2,200 Frigates
1,960 Destroyers and Cruisers
30,000 Drop and Assault Ships
3,158,000 Fighters/Drones
~3,500 Static Installations

770,934 Technicians
24,605,000/MO cloning capicity under optimal conditions over 12 facilities.
8 Active Aecir
1M Spine Crawlers
2.4M Fungal Growth launchers
73,000 assorted ISPs
11,499,180 Resurrection pods across 9 Facilities

Intelligence and Secret Service:
One of the best in the world
HFPE: We have had successful operations against most major nations. We like to collect eyes and ears when we can.

Face-Shifters: 75,000

Cyber security: Governmental security is exceptional, relying on different information formats on government systems, some of the best whitecap hackers money can buy, and strategic use of closed-circuit systems. Civilian cyber security is monitored by government agencies.

Druids: 1,200
"The Fun Ends Here"

Nuclear Number: Classified (Approx. 1,000 active)
Average Explosive Power: Classified (Approx. 10 Megatons)
Deliverance methods: ICBM, Airship, Drone, Mjöllnir cannon, submarine, long-range artillery

WMD Managment Systems Include, but are not Limited To:
-Nejanebi Nuclear Interception Tech
-Guardian Angel
-NOM-based interception nodes
-Absorbent Shields

Overall Mobius Military Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: swarms, biotech
Weaknesses: vehicular warfare

Regional differences:
Nejaneb- Less doo-dads, lots of lower-tech tried-and-true reliable units
NVC- Have blimps, technical masterminds, and perform best in the cold
Clayton- "Jack of all trades," generally trained soldiers that can adapt to their environment
INdo-Pacifica: Troops that perform best in warmer climes, hevaily focused on naval warfare, and technical geniuses
Ninja Clan-Troops focused on stealthy, special operations, working best at night,


General Research:
Specialized in Shielding, biotech, and rail-guns. Recently, development into missiles in order to get our senpai to notice us.

Projects (in roughly chronological order)
Freyr- A massive economic project. It centers around the development and launch of a series of hybrid airships. There is some talk of converting these slow moving, yet heavy lifting, blimp-type-things into military vehicles. COMPLETE

Syn- A massive static defense project. Combined with the NOM, invasion of the NVC should be extremely difficult.

Syn Stats:
The SYN network includes over 8 Million facilities (many of which are just individual anti-air emplacements or weapons caches. But still).

Mjollnir Cannons: ~72 Thousand
"Big Bertha" (Sol-system range capitol ship killers): 582

Loki - Allows the construction of a handful of nearly undetectable but relatively weak cruisers. COMPLETE Current Count: 7

Asgard- Weather manipulation machine, the NVC can create a single, massive, devastating winter storm anywhere in its territory. COMPLETE "Shots" available with current funds: 8. Extended around Cyberain. Maintained around St Petersburg.

Rain- A miniaturization of Asgard to create a mobile rain creation devise. Willing to sell to all interested. COMPLETE

Warhammer- Allows construction of Warhammer class airships. Complete

Mjöllnir- Creates a massive cannon outside Reykjavik. Can only be fired once every 24 hours (so shorter in-game during time slowdowns) and is accurate withing a 10 mile radius. COMPLETE

Shimmering Citadel- Allows construction of plasma shield generators (PSG) COMPLETE

Cold Fusion- Thanks to trades with Superplayer, we have access to cold fusion technology. Trade Complete

SEMI-HFPE- Info released to London Pact members: involves drug-enhanced super-soldiers that die immediately after combat. COMPLETE

Miniaturized Shields- This epic piece of technology has not been disclosed, but has been inferred. It seems to be smaller shield generators powered by fusion. COMPLETE

Wheatshield- Developed by ESA, traded to the NVC. Allows re-growing metal alloys. Trade Complete

WMD Denial Net- Nejaneb missile net technology. The longest continuously upgraded tech in the game. Makes nearly 100% nuclear interception chances. Also defends against a multitude of "creative" delivery techniques: using everything from Space-nomad style detection of nuclear payloads, to upgrades ongoing

Northern Crystal- Some say the greatest project attempted by man. It involves creating new life from nothing, constructing the very seeds of life from the ground up. Complete

NC Creations:
- Plant A-1= The perfect Northern plant, can grow in permafrost and produce food
- Plant R-3= Can grow in irradiated environments and scrub radiation from the ground
- Superbodies= Nejaneb officials now are super difficult to assassinate
- Yggdrasil= A single, "perfect" tree. Planted in Reykjavik.
- HFPE species of intelligent life (See below)
- Flying intelligent wales
- Bio-computers: Giant "brains" capable of interfacing with other technology.
- Lily An intelligent parasite, which shares a body and brain with the host.
- A "Zombie" parasite
- A giant Eldrith fear-inducing being
- Giant Wolves
- Dragons
- Dune Worms
- Mycelium

HFPE- Another epic HFPE, building on semi-HFPE and northern crystal. Involves the construction of half-mad super soldiers, “human tanks,” able to rip steel in half with their bare hands. Complete

Project Warmth- Building off Rain, technology to toy with the atmosphere to warm the earth, in case of Nuclear winter. Complete

Nanobots- Traded with the space nomads. Complete Colonies: 24

Gauss Cannons- Slows down incoming projectiles. Trade complete.

HFPE- TFF, another traded tech. Psychic warriors Trade Complete


Recruit: 250
Advanced: 1000
Veteran: 500
Elite: 400
Complete training: 4

Energy Shields: Fills the gap in plasma shields,blocking energy weapons. Complete

Dragonship: Allows construction of Dragonships Complete

HFPE- Cloaking technology: nuff said. Uses a small devise that warps electromagnetic waves around an object. Can be attached to just about anything. COMPLETE

Landship: Allows the construction of land ships COMPLETE

HFPE: Project Whiteout: A super-ultra-mega EMP, meant to literally transform the entire world into a stone-age society. Meant to allow optimization of Bio-tech, in case of a massive world war. COMPLETE

Project Ophelia: Duel-shield technology. It allows much larger, more powerful shields. COMPLETE

Project Genesis: More of a NC creation, but deserves its own tech space. In essence, it is creating another intelligent race: Leptoids, or Lepies. This race is essentially a bug-like hive mind race. Each “colony” is linked to a humanoid host, who is raised as a human in order to avoid EMS (Evil monster syndrome) COMPLETE

Project Hammerspace: We are now able to build devises that halt unwanted bending of space-time within range. This can jam most forms of teleportation, FTL, and instant transportation. We are installing devises in major cities and military instillation. The research is being shared with the Space Nomads, cause they helped us out with it. COMPLETE

Project Purity: A medical project. Basically, it is a biological mechanism that monitors and limits the body’s hormonal and physical states. It acts as a sort of secondary immune system, weeding out any unwanted biological edits or chemical intruders. Great for fighting viruses, poisons, and attempts at biological warfare. COMPLETE

Project Nullifier: Creates Nullifiers. Complete- Nullify are a particularly potent anti-virus microb, meant to counter even the worst infection.

HFPE: Project Zappy Zappy bye bye, liberated from defunct Cyberain, who had a more epic name for it. We can make the British mainland take a leap one year in the future. COMPLETE

Project Murkey Pool: COMPLETE- Murkey pool facilities rapidly produce massive amounts of GE creatures, even advanced ones such as humanoids. Can create massive armies EXTREMELY quickly. Facility count: 23

Project Guardian Angel: COMPLETE- A regiment of lasers, misdirecting projectiles, shields, and weird SN technology. Protects against orbital bombardments of all sorts.

Project Glorious Skies: COMPETE- Builds one massive, floating-city sized blimp.

Project Fungal Growth: COMPLETE- A new type of fungus that gunk up and destroys machinery.

Project Stulker: COMPLETE Researches Stulker Anti-Tanks

Project FTL Coms: FTL Communications

EMP Research: Ongoing research into EMPs and the like. Includes:
-Redenbocker EMP-piercing shells

Project Wolfenheim: A project designed to HFPE: "Snipe out" important defensive nodes. Specifically things like shield generators, nuke interceptors, and WARMTH nodes. /end HFPE Fruits of this project:
-Bezzlebee EMP
-Better EMP penetration

Operation LRSM: An aircraft modernization project.

Uber HFPE: Project Phantom Limb is finished. The first Faceshifters have been created. They have the ability to completely re-configure just about every part of their body extremely quickly... including their brain. Complete

HFPE: Druids tech. Aka the "Anti-mages." The fun ends here. Druids are all-purpose psychic and nanobot specialists capable of cockblocking all sorts of fun magic-like abilities. They are also experts at assessing new technologies as they are encountered, and figuring out counter-measures as quickly as possible. Individual Druids undergo several hundred years of training to become the most elite tech-blockers in existence. Only one or two are needed to completely end the use of a specific technology, but they are not easily replaced.

Project FEAR: Research into what causes fear. Complete

Project Valhalla: Has been heralded as a new leap in Mobius technology. The tech has been breaking headlines around the nation. It uses old SN technology, along with some modern biological enhancements to create a system that can transfer the exact neural network from one brain to another. The new brain is completely identical to the old one, an identical body can be created too. The system is designed to link up when an individual is dying, "transferring" them to a safe location where a new body waits. The results are... staggering. For the right price, no Mobius citizen ever has to die a violent death. A Valhalla equipped army never has to worry about morale, every soldier will fight to the death. Knowledge and experience normally lost on death, will not be. Scientists can experiment with incredibly dangerous substances with their bare hands. Veteran soldiers can go on suicide missions, with their knowledge never lost. Its truly a miracle of Mobius technology. Complete


Project spore: HFPE: A self-replicating space-fairing species capable of traveling extreme distances and entering FTL without assistance. Meant to infect colony planets in times of war, and then grow exponentially. Of limited intelligence. Spore count: 0

The Star forge: A great structure that harnesses the heat of the sun to produce an infinite stream of units. Progress: Research Continues

Notice Us Missile Senpai: A Research that has been running since 2015 IRL to IMPROVE MISSILES

Terra Missiles: A missile type devoted to hunting down and destroying subterranean threats.

Terra Listening Posts: Technology to detect the (likely obvious) movement of terrasubs.

NOTE: See technologies researched by Pacifican forces for full capabilities of our army, navy, and civilian sectors.

Special Infrastructure:

Airway network: a series of Airdocks and stations that allow our Airships to act as, well, ships. Carrying tons of goods across the entire nation.

The BOB: A massive shield that covers most of the country.

Shielding: Plasma and energy shields over all major cities.

The Crystal Factory: The center for "life construction." It is made of glass and steel, and looks like a gleaming crystal. It is under extremely heavy guard. There are now several in several host sub-nations.

The Maglev Subway: Stretching across all major Mobius cities, this train system allows easy, insanely fast long-distance travel. It even connects regions underwater.

The Orbital Cities: Twenty total, holding on to just under two hundred million Mobius souls. They also have space docks.

Airstrip 2: A specialized orbital city. Complete

The Orbital Gardens: A series of massive orbital gardens, whose beauty can not be described. Great tourist attraction.

Project Hadrian: See Link At Page Start. The most expensive project ever made by anyone ever in this game. Its kind of a big deal.

The Sensor Net: A ring of sensors that extends approx 1 light year away from sol. When inactive, the base-ball sized nodes are nearly undetectable. When activated, they block all FTL. This network is quite expensive to maintain.

The FTL Communications Network: A network connecting our solar-system based facilities with FTL communications.

The Kuiper Belt Bases: A ring of 240 bases in the Kuiper belt. Each is relatively small and self-sustaining, but is there to support a series of defensive measures, specifically the hammer time, the senor net, project Slam Jam, and project Antoine.

Project Antoine:
-The Slam Jam Network: When active it reduces the maximum speed of space travel within its confines to 1/20th the speed of light. Only present between the Sun and the Kuiper Belt.
-Sensornet: A major sensor net consisting of millions of nodes spread from earth to beyond.

HFPE: Hammerspace Field: STOP, ITS HAMMER TIME. Solar-system wide portal and warp denial system.

Annual GDP: 335 Trillion CCs

GDP Per Capita: ~77k

Treasure: 10,250,041,147,531,000

The Budget is Balanced

The Mobius economy is the largest in the world. It has a GDP of about three hundred thirty five trillion CCs a year. The economy is a mixed service industry and industrial economy. Nejaneb has the largest industrial output in the world, largely relying on good old fashion hard labor then automation.
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Mobius: Indo-Pacifica

Postby musashisamurai » 25 Aug 2012, 23:34


-various islands and isles

Pacificans place a great deal of importance on nature and on nurturing it. To a Pacifican, nothing is more important than protecting the wildlife of a region. Pacificans also place great faith in the seas, and in our navigation skills, which have been enhanced through generations after generations of use. Every Pacifiacn knows how to make basic outrigger canoes and navigate it to another island. Property is viewed differently like the ancients when food equaled money and it was more prudent to share it than spoil it-although now we ask for a good price as trade is our biggest industry. Island values and cultures can vary greatly from island to island howeve. rWith the addition of India and our growing colonial empire, other cultures have diffused into and out of Pacifica.
Generally, most islands are quite different in other respects. Languages tend to be different, more so than an accent, but close enough that with knowledg of one language, one can talk just as easily to a Hawaiin as a Tahitian or Tongan. The largest religion is teh ancient Polynesian pantheon and mythology, although varients exist like languages, teh religion is even closer. Here is teh pantheon, the god of the sea, Kanaloa is most important.

Capitals=Ākarana, North Island (New Zealand; newer city, neo-Polynesian started here, big techwise, military and political center)); Honolulu, Hawaii (bigger economically, culturally center, old capitol)
Regional Capitals -Nukualofa, Tongatapu -Jakarta, Java -Suva, Fiji -Papeete, Tahiti -Apia, Samoa -Tarawa, Kiribati -Goa, India -LCity, Luna -Underhill, Mars -Brisbane, Queensland -Darwin, Northern Australian Territory others as well.
Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Palau, Kiribati, Easter Island, and other archipelagoes Micronesia, Melanesia, Falklands Isles, Denmark, India, Burma, Thailandnumerous underwater cities, Underhill a colony on mars, and LCity (Luna City, on Luna) and Tycho Under (alsoon Luna) (south pole), among other colonies, Northern Austraila, Sumatra, Sulawesi, java, new guinea

GDP- ~~22,500,000,000,000 or or roughly about 50k per capita. It works out to a little more though counting other things like land values, which also inflates real estate prices (oceanfront property)

Population of ~1,757,631,509people (1.15% growth)
Last Census-1,660,000,000

Defenses and Military, not including all of Syn, and/or parts of Syn.
-Compulsory Military Training for new citizens, leading to very large militias that can be called up, although quality and equioment is subpar compared to the rest of you OPs
-standing army of 240,000 (2 armes of 80k each and then the remainder is split up) mainly centered in the Northern Indian Himalayas, Australia, and the rest are spread out. They run Syn defenses and train miltias, acting like the National Guard too, but are most lime the Civilian Conservation Corp led by FDR since they do little to no actual combat.
Air defenses-anti-aircraft guns, and ground-to-air missiles batteries are now in place all over Pacifica, and invading here would b)e incredibly hard. Many batteries. AA ships are also in Pacifica from our armada
Orbital Defenses-land-to-space missile bases for knocking satellites and even ships in orbit out of orbit to destruction. Enhanced with Hellbore Cannons
Many ASW defenses and Anti-ship defenses all over
S.B.M.D.G-97% interception rates alone 99.5%
-EMP 95% (also will blind enemy satellites and fry enemy ships at the same time)
-Nejaneb Missile NETs 99.999%
-RSBI (Rangi Space-Based Interceptors) 97.5% global defenses
-Plasma Shielding over larger cities
-Sybus NET-A,B,C
Bunkers, AA guns, and local militias and reserves in case of invasion. Many gun batteries of heavy artillery that can be activated. Missile batteries in range of key areas
Underwater Submarine bases for evacuation and submarine support
Heavy Mining of Coast's (turned off). ASROC anti-sub missile batteries.Shark sub hunters. Maritime listening stations GIUK gap, Straits of Magellan, Straits of Malacca, Danish Straits, Cape of Good Hope, Indian ocean, South Pacific heaviest.
-2 Sybus underwater Anti-COMSAT and ANTI-SUB bases in the straits of Malacca, 6 Sybus AA missile batteries, 120 Sybus AA guns, 20 lesser MLs, 12 MLs (stationed in various important bases) with 2 more every year for the next 20 years. Makes this strait almost impossible to take.
-Underwater Maritime Listening bases and sonibuoy grid in our straits, near canals, and capes, key harbors with ASW/ASROC emplacements. 200 Artillery and 4 missile batteries. Makes this strait also hard to take

~5% of Sybus Stock, or 4,5010,000 shares, earning annual revenue.

Rakurai, v1-v3
Project Railnet-ice power
Automated Systems
Alternative Energy sources
Septimus Power Plants
Project Ares/Athena (with NYE) (NYE Goblin Gas,
The Wokka RAD-GUN
Brass tacks alloy
Shepherd airfoils
Darts guidance systems
Sybus Robots
Spartans mobile armor
all Sybus Tech suites
Situational Awareness Stimulant (SAS) Description is in tiny font. Small so it fits
A mild drug which dramatically heightens a person's senses and reflexes. Non-addictive (unless by choice), when the drug wears off the user is exhausted and usually goes to sleep right away. Instantly repetitive use is likely to be limited.

Sybus Landfall-self replicating factories and miners
Sybus Man-o-wars
Mini Invisibility Generators
Shark Submarine Carriers
Thor Blueprints, 60 Made
2 Commanders
Absorbitron v2.5
2 Instaspawn units
6 Nanobot Colonies
Gauss Cannons
Battlesteel v1
Atomic Fabrication Tech
Mininuclear generators
Quantum Computing
Ad Infinitum
Titanium (the Sybus alloy)
Precision Micro-Missiles
Anti-Armor/Ship Mobile Turrets

Project Ikehu-alternative energy sources
Project Hoʻomahana-big tourist resorts
Project Mākēneki-railguns. highly advanced, used on ships and infantry.
Project Maui-advanced Invisibility tech
Project Tawhiri -Storm Bombs and creating storm generators
- Tawhiri III upgraded and merged with Mobius's Rain, Warmth, and Asgard. It is stronger, and more versatile, and has other non-military uses now (for example, making a clear sunny day for tourists, redirecting storms, along with military uses)
-Tawhrir IV upgraded once more, with general research into quicker responses and quicker activation time
-Tawhiri V combined with rangi to be able tp affect upper atmospheric weather and enlarge our zone of control to almost the entire globe
Project Te Ponui-EMP tech (Maori for "Long Night"). In many forms and ranges
Project Haikili-plasma guns and shields* Thanks to Mobius
Project Rongo-biotech
-----------------Project Ki'i-rad scrubbing bacteria
-----------------Project Lono -biological memory
Project Ātoma-atomic batteries, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, neutron bombs, Orion drive on certain ships
Project Holoi-clean fuel, with Altania and Mattopia. Gas that doesn't give off greenhouse gases
Project Kanaloa-deep sea mining, and underwater habitation*, and oil rigs. *thanks to UCI (5 million live underwater atm)
Project Honua-advanced mining tech
Project Neoneo-awesome sniper rifles using railguns and rakurai rounds.
-Neoneo v2-bullets that can hone in on targets Other sub projects are HFPE
-Chaos II-builds on Kapohoikahiola to make powerful non nuclear explosives.

-Chaos III minimizing these explosives for use in warheads on rockets and shells.

Chaos IV ongoing research into even larger warheads, minimization, and production increase

Project Athena- (with NYE) (one half of the project, the organic part was delivered later) highly advanced mechanized armor for warfare. A semi-accurate description lacking a few techs we added ourselves, listed on this post
-Athenian X a vast upgrade to the original suits, that brought them into the future)
Project Rangi -Overlord laser satellites, kinetic missiles for a heavy Space-to-earth capacity
-----v1-laser satellites that have great power, slow fireing rate. Good on buildings, bases, and ships
------v2 Higher rate of fire, less power-anti tanks and ships
------v3 SDI grid
------v4 kinetic missiles, as bunker busters and as tactical nuke alternative
------v5 HFPEl
------(included but not military in nature) Satellite Grid-for GPS, broadcasting and surveillance
------ Updated and upgraded the targeting system for a near 99.999% accuracy even on fast moving targets
------ Surya-class cruisers extremely long range space laser, mounted on warships
Project Haumia-a chemical weapon that travels through wildlife and takes out infrastructure, based off Cyberian Mercury.

Project Flying Fish-creation of highly advanced aircraft, uijcluyding air superiority fighters, long range stealth bombers and more, for use with submarine carriers.
Project Kamapua'a-cybernetics tech, cyborg creation. Highly advanced
-īlio finished (cyborg dogs for K9 corps men)
-Manu (cyborg birds for scouting)
-keko (research for use on humans. Elite monkey tanks though that we can use, although its more for testing)
-oro (cyborg tanks to use in war. Cyborg Super soldiers) also led to easy cybernetic tech for civilian uses
-Haulili- an implant that lets a cybrog directly control machinery outside his body as easily as his hand-this includes factories, robots, and ships even, as well Cyborg-to-Cyborg communication
-Project Too Cool For School-an implant that monitors a child's thoughts to figure out its best carreer choices, as well as the ability to download data directly into its brain, shortening school, and making it easier. Will help in Akira
-Project Skullguns. Skull mounted weapons.

Project Pele-named after the Hawaiin Goddess of Fire, we worked to control the earth crust. Now we can start eruptions at our wish, given a few limitations, or delay or weaken them. Also enables us to predict them easily
Project Mafui'e-same as Pele, actually same project, but allows us to make earthquakes or stop them, and predict them easily, well in advance. These earthquakes can range in power, and can also create tsunamis

o HFPE Project Hau Kea Ho'oku'i-a computer that can program people. The opposite of implants that the brain controls. With this in mind, wehave a direct connection which us much more epic, and allows for greater "editing" and programming pills, which are for bodily functions and changes (Luke programs that cause disease, loss/gain of weight, emotions, etc)

Project Limu Make Ohana-bullets filled with polytoxin

Project Southern Crystal Factory-a NC unit in Hawaii, underwater, guarded with every thing we can use. Specializes in underwater species, and in cybernetics.
-intelligent super-sharks, Moalili, some of which get outfitted with cybernetics for mine sweeping and anti-submarine warfare among other things, and us etheir shark's electroreceptors
-intelligent whales, similar to above, but also use echolocation, and for riding
--dolphins, like above
-Dragons, can fly at very high speeds and breathe fire (a little). Tough scales and large, strong claws allow drgaons to actually be able to fight of helicopters in a dogfight, and even some jets. Current Number ~200 Dragons.
-Turtle Ducks
-Turtle Seals
-Axolotl (healing and alteration) tanks

Project Pohiahu-a weapon that causes the world's temperauture to drop to create another Ice Age, or to create glaciers to cover a battlefield, or even large amounts of icebergs to act as makeshift mines.

Project Kapohoikahiola-exploding bullets
HFpE to an extent Propect Nightmarchers-a robot army, or at least the makings of one, and factories for later use, should we need them. Robots are many types, sizes, and armaments

a new design for a robot that is based off the latest Athena mobile powered suit blueprints for a powerful, if expensive, combat robot.
Project Mokualili-increasing shipyard capacities, allowing for a constant stream of ships being made to constantly update old ships
SubProject Leviathan-allows for creation of floating fortress ships. 8 tota
--Leviathan V3 a major upgrade in size and capacity
-tons other ships, with special design features and tech, and an overall massive increase in naval tech
Extremely HFPE
Project Kapua (originally Project HERO-Human Engineering Research Operations). Creates bioenhanced super soldiers, with advances in eugenics, biotech, GM, and augments. Current enhancements, among others: Carbide Ceramic Ossification, Muscular Enhancement Injections, Catalytic Thyroid Implant, Occipital Capillary Reversal, Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites, eugenics, and harsh training. 150+ years in the making and in continous research

HFPE-Extremis body-altering virus
Extremely HFPE-
Messiah linking Kapua and Akira for psychic super soldiers

Even more Extremely HFPE-
Nosferatu and related sub projects. Vampiric super soldiers. Don't ask, Don't tell. Also created Fiend class suits

Project War Machine-advanced military designs for tanks, similiar to Mokualili, for land weapons and craft
Project Haulili-anti-spying technology that jams surveillance
Project Beelzebub-bugs with vaccines and nanobots that can cure illnesses on a mass scale,
can act as spies as well, to a limited extent

Uber uber HFPE Project AKIRA psychic tech and related
-Cerebro long-ranfe psychic scanning within range of cerebro stations
-Mentat. Allows us to create Mentats, specially trained and enhanced human computers.
-MKUBER mind control, mind engineering. Brainwashing, mind reading, implanting false memories.[/spoiler]
Project Lolo-in research. Complete. 360 made
-Lolo v2 biocomputers which can be grown cheaply and can be injected and wired into people, increasing intelligence,4 years.

Project Thai Canal-created a canal in Thailand and Burma, increase trade there by a lot
Project Beehive-Space robot fighters: Yellowjackets, Wasps, Hornets, Worker Bees, Bumblebees. Linked with Skyfall.
Project Pegasus-allows for creation of battlestars description lacks our techs
Project Skyfall-inorganic evolution and engineering AIs, aiding our engineering especially of robots. Lnked to Nightmarchers and Beehive
Project Aumakua-sensor research. Sensors that track ship's wakes, better SONAR/RADAR/LIDAR, communications tracking, weapon launch tracking
Project Pa'ao- more gravity plus antigravity research: antigravity shield, gravity-based sensors, and speeds up vehicles. Tractor Beams and Repulsing Rays

Current Research
-subprojects Fur with king, Lycanthropy, Alpha, Hunter, Claws, Fox, Wolfhound
-various units
Kapua- Generation IX
Haulili v2
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Mobius: NVC

Postby Zander » 25 Aug 2012, 23:36

Neo Viking Confederacy (NVC) (note: page under constant construction.)

NVC.Ping.png (10.46 KiB) Viewed 5877 times

Land: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, bits of Northern Canada/ North-East Russia, Alaska and Greenland. (see ^)

Capital City: Reykjavik, Iceland

Other Prominent Cities:
- Stockholm: Economic capital. Contains the "main" stock exchange for the NVC, the Confederacy Index, and is the head of shipping and commerce.
- New Petersburg: Economic and military capital of the still rather untamed West. Is mostly refugees from the once-NVC St Petersburg.

Population: Approx. 450,000,000. The area right around the capital city is most populated, with about 15,000,000 civilians, the rest of the population is sparsely sprinkled around the other territories. Coastal towns are numerous and prosperous, due to a focus on sustainable fishing over farming. About 100 million live in on the Mobius Orbital Cities.

Uncentrilized Peoples
The NVC also contains thousands of tribes that were scattered during the major events that brought the old world order crashing down. These tribes each have their own culture, and can join or leave the Confederacy at will. The size of these groups varies, from nomadic tribes to small cities, but all of them live beyond the hightech "comfort zone" that hugs the coast of the NVC. These people have to contend with the northern winter in all it's untamed glory, a daunting task. Over 20,000,000 of the NVCs registered citizens exist in these groups. Being used to cold weather and harsh conditions these citizens are particularly brutal fighters, and therefore considered "winter hardened" for military purposes. (Although these citizens are even worse in the desert then most of the army)

NVCFLag.png (5.44 KiB) Viewed 5877 times

In the days of old, the NVC was divided into various other countries. These ancient countries had names like "Iceland" and "Norway." The Nuclear Holocausts that brought the old order crumbling down spared the future NVC states directly, in fact the city of Stockholm was the only major city of it's time spared. However nuclear side effects soon set in. Nuclear winter, increased cancer rates, massive crop failure, and radioactive fish (really) took their toll on industry and population. Order broke down, and the people of the future NVC regressed into a semi-tribal state.

The Unification
Chieftain Allen T. Issacson is widely recognized as the "founding father" of the NVC. In reality, although most Norse won't admit it, he was just the last of a long line of conquerors. However, what Issacson did when he took over was what made him special.

Issacson was the third conqueror hailing from Reykjavik. The first two, Abagail the Feared and Hikeson the Idiotic, are both notable for their spreading of Reykjavik's distinctly Neo-Norse culture. The mistake the first two made was to conquer for the homeland, not in the name of unification. Abagail and Hikeson both levied huge taxes on conquered territories, in money and human resources, seeding hatred and discontent towards the Chieftain of Reykjavik. Both their empires were over thrown in a matter of years.

Issacson was different. He know how to win over a populous. After conquering lands he would devote large amounts of time and energy into, as he called it, "processing them." Processing was three fold: 1- Build up. 2- Populate. 3- Convert. Stage one was simple, make things better for the people. He built schools and revived dead power plants and factories. Stage one ultimately led to stage two. This involved spreading pure-blood Reykjavikians to the towns and cities, usually those who stayed were those who helped in stage one. Stage three ultimately comes from stage two, complete cultural conversion. In this stage the now entrenched Reykjavikians naturally blend into the previous culture. Accompanied by a variety of propaganda techniques, this created "a mobile mixing pot," creating modern neo-Norse culture.

Early Period
Issacson wisely prepared for his death. He would be the last "emperor" of the north. The Articles of Law, the founding documents of the NVC and that describe its entire government, were hand written by the dieing leader. The result was the beginning of the modern NVC, and it was the event that launched the country on to the world stage.

The first order of business for the newly formed democracy was to establish its industry. This was accomplished by much non-forgotten help from the ESA and COM. And, as the efforts continued, it became obvious that what worked elsewhere would not work in the north. Thus, the Syn and Freyr projects were commissioned. Syn, to protect the people of Norse from harm, and Freyr, because the watery, snowy land was the biggest obstacle to a nation-wide transportation network.

Modern Times
The construction of the Syn and Freyr projects marks the beginning of what we consider the modern era of the NVC. The completion of these two projects marked the entrance of the NVC onto the true world stage, as a powerful and respected part of the world community.

The NVC follows a distinctly Norse religion. It is both the state religion, and the biggest contributed to the name Neo Viking Confederacy. This grainy picture outlines the relative religious makeup of the country:


Note the high numbers of Christians, remnants of the previous dominant religion. Islam's relatively strong holdings are due to recent immigration and cultural "importation" from the COM and Neo-Persia.

Cultural Values
Respect of property is perhaps highest on the list of values for the NVC. Theft incites some of the largest over-reactions in the judicial system, with massive fines and even physical punishment not uncommon. Freedom of travel is another value of the Confederacy, and everything without stuff built on it is considered everyone's to use as they will, as long as that use is responsible, of course. Theft of property value is still theft.

Oddly enough, the people of the NVC do not see taxes as theft. The NOM spreads enough ideas of mutual suffering and patriotism that tax collection is rarely an issue.

The Neo-Norse also tend to be un-trusting, secretive people towards "outsiders," although these feelings rarely extend to fellow countrymen, and those they consider friends. In short, they are great Diplomacy players.

Religious History
The rebirth of Norse paganism sprung from what some would describe as a "miracle." In the last Great War, among the hundreds of cities fired on by nukes, Reykjavik got unlucky. Still a relatively small city, three nukes had been trained on the capital of Iceland. All three were duds. The only nuclear duds in that war. They landed in a parking lot, in a triangular position. In the middle of the triangle, scorched into the ground, was an image of Mjollnir, Thor's hammer. It was seen as a miracle from the gods. Thus, a modified Norse mythology re-entered the world.

Government (under construction): A representative democracy

The government of the NVC is divided into three branches: a legislative branch to make laws, a judicial branch to interpret laws, and an executive branch to enforce laws.

The legislative branch is comprised of regional legislative assemblies known as Things, which are subserviant to the national legislative assembly known as the Alþingi. Each Thing presides over a region- which itself is comprised of several petty-regions. When an election is held, each citizen in a petty-region casts their vote to select a representative to their region's Thing. During an election citizens rank their foavrite canidates: and each petty region sends multiple number represnetatives to their Thing. Representatives elected in this way are not chosen by plurality but, rather, by which of the local canidates can reach a pre-determined vote quota to ensure their seat. Each Thing then elects five representatives to the Alþingi in a similar manner. In this way citizens are one degree removed from their national legislature: but most members of the Alþingi are seasoned legislators with the respect of their peers.

The Alþingi meets in Stockholm where they make laws and enforce the will of the people. It is a Unicameral legislature made up of the most respected politians in the regional Things.

The judicial branch's job is, like in most countries, to interpret the law and determine punishments for those who break it.

The Judicial branch is the headed by the panel of Judges. The panel includes five judges who rule on the most important of issue. The panel of Judges isn't an elected position. The judges are appointed by the current head of state, and serve a ten year term. Any Panel action can be overruled by 66% of the votes in the Alþingi.

Most other judges are similarly appointed by local governments. Every NVC citizen has the right to a trial from a jury of his peers. The NVC uses an innocent until guilty philosophy for prisoners.

The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the will of the government, both at home and abroad. There are actually two heads of this system, who are elected in a pair. The first of the pair is the ArchChief, who is the figurehead of the nation and takes care of diplomacy and the bureaucracy. He is the "superior" of the second position in times of peace. The second role is ArchGeneral. In times of war, the role of ArchGeneral kicks in as the top of the executive branch, and is responsible for the defense of the nation. In times of peace, the ArchGeneral helps with training troops and advising the ArchChief

The second highest in the executive branch is the aforementioned Chiefs. These are similar to cabinet members, except each has more direct control over their branch. Each Chief is appointed by the current Head of State, and has power to both appoint, and jump into any position himself. For instance, the Chief of Defense is expected to both appoint a Gun Specialist, and be able to direct a gun crew through a full firing cycle. Some exceptions are always made.

Currency: The NVC was once on the gold standard, but has since switched to the CC as the currency of buisness. Gold, however, is still very abundant in personal matters. And NVC minted CCs are decorated as if they were gold coins.

Military Overview: Small, defensive military, that has swelled in recent years. Despite the infamous reputation of its namesake, the NVC is a mostly peaceful country. About 30% of the military budget is invested in the navy, and their ships excel at mobility and stealth at sea. Another 30% is used for the NOM. The NOM, or national organized militia, is a unique branch of the military that trains civilians in case of an invasion, although it also provides a large pool of excellent draftees if needed for an offense. All civilians over 16 are taught basic winter survival, and how to use standard military fire-arms, as part of their school curriculum. This means heavy guerrilla warfare is guaranteed for all invaders.

The NVC used to shy away from airpower, but recent gains in airship technology have created incredibly expensive, but (relatively) powerful super-zeppelins.

The entire army of the NVC is fit for combat in the deep winter, and therefore fairs incredibly well in the colder places of the earth. However, they are out of their element in the deserts and tropics and therefore fair incredibly poorly there.

While their infantry are easily the best on average fighters, excluding small-but-powerful states such as the Nomads, the country has miserable mechanized forces. Some members of the army are even trained only in snowmobile, motorcycle, and sled-dog "piloting."

In addition, the NVC is a nuclear power with an undisclosed number of well hidden nukes.

Military Stats:

Note: since induction into Mobius, these stats are for the NVC half of the Mobius Empire. NOM is still independent from the joint military, but everything else is pooled with Nejaneb

Current Status: Peacetime, standing army

Personnel (Note: some citizens fall in multiple categories)
- 503,021 Volunteer service members.
- Approx. 10,000,000 potential prime draftees (young, fit)
- Approx. 20,000,000 potential emergency draftees (old, fit)
- Approx. 15,000,000 "winter hardened" potential draftees
- Exactly 121,320,166 living graduates of the NOM program.
- Approx. 100,000,000 NOM graduates with military grade weapons within "optimum militia deployment range" (note: local defense only)

Tanks and Vehicles types
-"Snow Prowler" heavy tanks
- "Furry" medium tanks
- "Snow Hare" light tanks
- Various ATVs, Snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other small transportation units
-"Blazing Glory" mobile artillery units
- Refueling, food transport, and Ammunition units
- Landship

"Mariet" Class Stealth Battleships
"Etta" Class Stealth Super-Destroyers
"Busla" Class Stealth Desroyers
"Asta" Class Stealth Escort Ships
"Anna" Class Stealth Cruiser
"Etna" Class Submarines
"Drifa" Class Nuclear-Equip Submarines
Various Stealth support ships

Air Force
- Combat Drones
- Massive, Warhammer Class airships

Space Force
Dragonship boarding units

Forts, Fortified areas
Most of the NVCs defenses are in the mega-Syn project. However, the following fortresses receive independent funding:

- The fortress of Reykjavik (Has plasma shield generator) (Gauss Cannon Defense Unit)
- Scandinavia Guard- A fortress in northern Finland meant to limit land attacks on Scandinavia. (PSG)
- The Fortress of New Petersburg. (PSG)
- The fortress of Stockholm (PSG)

Note, the idea of a fortress is outdated to many. However new research has brought back to life the ancient idea...

Nuclear Number: Classified (Approx. 1,000 active)
Average Explosive Power: Classified (Approx. 10 Megatons)
Deliverance methods: ICBM, Airship, Drone, Mjöllnir cannon, submarine, long-range artillary

Nuclear Interception Chance:
-Long-range: 99.999%
-Short-range: 99.9%
-Absorbent Shields

Overall Military Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: stealth navel warfare, armed civilians, fanatic defense, frozen warfare
Weaknesses: vehicular warfare, offensive strategy
Permanent Weaknesses: Desert warfare, tanks must be always be worse than the third best armored vehicle in the world
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Mobius: Clayton

Postby iShine » 26 Aug 2012, 00:33

Sigh, I'll have posts up in a jiffy.
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Mobius: Nejaneb

Postby Bob.Durf » 26 Aug 2012, 00:34

Nejaneb is one of the two original members of the Mobius Confederacy, created when the NVC and Nejaneb joined together in a mutual defense pact.

Nejaneb is the biggest (land-wise) member of Mobius, even without Mobius, Nejaneb covers a vast portion of the world. Originally founded in Central Africa, it gradually began absorbing African countries that other major powers had ignored or left to rot. Early on, the Nationalist government of Central Nejaneb ruled the outer countries with an iron fist. As time went on however, internal and international pressure forced the Central government to create a much more representative form of government. Joining the London Pact was Nejaneb's first big step towards becoming a world power, and the wars in India and WWIII allowed Nejaneb to expand even further.

With the collapse of the London Pact, Nejaneb could finally capture Egypt and a Mediterranean port. After the brief crisis with Cyberain, Nejaneb and the NVC formed a defense pact and assumed mutual control over colonies in Asia. It would be the first step towards the Mobius Confederation.

With the continuing technological expansion of Cyberain and the rest of the world powers, successive Chancellors of Nejaneb realized that even though Nejaneb had a huge population, a large army, and strong international prestige, Nejaneb was far behind on the technological advancement scale. This lead Nejaneb and the NVC to form the first iteration of "Mobius." It was much more of a confederacy, with Nejaneb and NVC still distinctive in country names and governments. A second reorganization of Mobius led to the strong country we know today. The capitals and governments were merged, and Mobius became a country of its own. As time went on, more countries would join.

...To be updated later
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Mobian Domain of Clay-Baunair

Postby kingpie3 » 26 Aug 2012, 00:36


Domain of Clay-Baunair
"A nation of wonder, beauty, and greatness."

Capital City: Marzao
Other Major Cities:
Laroril, a major economic center
Nauthet, a cultural juggernaut
Drilandogug, an intellectual powerhouse
Agilulimm, the heart of all politics

Government Type: Democratic Republic
Government System:
There is a basic government structure, where most power lies with our law-making body, known as the Tribunal. There is an executive branch that enforces those laws, and can propose its own as well as veto legislature, and an judicial branch that interprets the law and its fairness.

The executive branch is headed by a Premier and what most would call his/her glorified assistant, the Chancellor. While in the past it was customary for politicians to have terms, each serving a total of 8 years, with 3 terms available to them, Premiers are afforded lifelong terms or at least until they get sick of the job. Few have served their whole life, but there are many who have served for at least 100.

We have a relatively centralized government, but this noticeably does not extend to economic policy or even social policy in some respects. The Premier can propose legislature, declare states of emergency, appoint secretaries and ambassadors, and form new committees. However, some of these actions must be approved by the National Tribunal, the national legislature. Local governments can make laws for their local constituents, however, they have less freedom in doing so, but both strive to protect and guide the people, who enjoy a large range of rights and privileges. Freedom is a focal point of Baunian social, economic, and governmental institutions.

Federally, the "The Provinces", which are Metropolitan Bauna (France), Airstrip 1 (England), most of the Martian colonies, and Djinnos (Clayton) all have 10 votes in the Upper House, called the Chief Magistrate Chamber, and a select number of votes based on population, called the Voice of Peoples.

Current Population: 2,500,000,00
Labor Force:
Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry: 11.1%
Manufacturing, Mining, Technical, Construction: 28.2%
Management, Doctorial: 24.5%
Domestic Labor: 25.9%
Miscellaneous Work: 10.3%


Earth (On Land):
Metropolitan Bauna (France)- 90 million
Airstrip 1 (Great Britain, the island)- 70 million

Africa (Clayton):
Morocco (Djal)-210 million
Algeria (Flamil)-300 million
Mali (Luwalu)- 250 million
Mauritania (Rolania)- 250 million
Cape Verde- 20 million

Water Territories- 500,000,000
Djal (Morocco)- 130 million off the coast in 2 undersea cities
In the English Channel- 20 million (Centered around the Channel Tunnel)
Mediterranean- 150 million in 3 cities (The biggest, Neo-Orleans is south of Corsica)
North Atlantic- 130 million in 5 large cities. Highly mobile.
Cape Verde- 70 million off the coast. Travels down the coasts of Africa and South America

Underground Dependencies- 300,000,000
Under Metropolitan Bauna (France)- 25 million in 4 major cities. Around 5 million each.
Under Flamil (Algeria)- 175 million in 7 big citicies
Under Rolania (Mauritania)- 20 million in 6 major cities
Under Luwalu (Mali)- 50 million in 2 big cities
Under Airstrip 1 (Britain)- 20 million scattered in small communities
Under Djal (Morocco)- 10 million in 1 big city

Space Populations:- 510,000,000
Valles Mariners (Mars)- 150 million
Jupiter colonies/cities- 30 million
Inside Hadrian- 5 million
Various worlds (see Mobian Outposts)- 325 million

Ethnic Demographics:
White Baunian Type 1 (Ethnically White French/British)- 40%
"Moorish" Baunian (mostly Arab, with much African and Berber blood)-35%
Black Baunian (more than 70% Sub-saharan African)- 5%
White Baunian Type 2 (typically Italians, Spaniards, Norsemen)-10%
Other (typically Asian, like Chinese and Pacifican)- 10%

*A rich cosmopolitan merchant-class serves as an important diffuser of international cultural trends and style. The average citizen also contributes to the cultural diversity of the nation. Immigrants often hold onto the ties they have in their home country, cooking traditional meals and speaking their native tongues (which is actively encouraged as it enriches our nation), but all have national pride and are fully immersed in Baunian culture and society. Baunandech is a nation of immigrants and it takes great pride in that.
Race in Baunandech doesn't really exist as a social construct so much. This has a lot to do with the fact that with genetic modification so prevalent, some people can be purple, see through, etc., making race irrelevant to even think about. But ever since the "Ashbane Revolution", which was a series of large scale riots and attacks conducted by Ashbanes who were being discriminated against (due to their expression of both of their parents physical and genetic traits), race has lost a lot of its meaning. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't ethnic and nationals groups who are of interest. Politicians make it a point to cater to each and every demographic to the best of their ability.
Recently, Clay-Baunair's integration into the galactic economy through its many space ports and colonies had led it to absorb offworld cultures, from places such as Venus, Mars, and beyond. Offworld culture is seen as very exotic and mystical, meaning it has been voraciously consumed and integrated into the cultural mainstream of our nation.
Being centered around the lands that once belonged of some of Old Earth's most prominent cultures (British, French, and to a lesser extent West African), Clay-Baunair exerts tremendous cultural influence in everything from music, to film, to architecture, to even cuisine. We are global trendsetters, and are in many ways this new generation's link to the old ways. For example, we still produce masterpieces like James Bond, conduct the Cannes Film Festival, and are innovating new architectural styles.

Religious Demographics:
Atheist (Includes agnostics)- 20%
Bauno- 20%
Traditional African Religions- 15%
Islam- 30%
Spiritualism (Akin to Buddhism and just being one with nature and energy)- 10%
Other- 5%

The diversity in people is accompanied by the diversity in religion. But of course, the new reach and advancements in technology have in many ways trivialized religion, especially Christianity and Islam. However, many people remain devout adapting their belief systems to new discoveries and social trends. For example, in order to reconvert many Spiritualists, the Bauno Church (an almost entirely Baunian-based religion that was created after the Catholic Church interdicted all Baunian citizens) made a new amendment to their own version of the Bible declaring there is no Hell and that aliens can come in the form of saviors. And the Sufi Islamic sect, of the Muslim faith actively encourages genetic modification on the grounds it brings people closer to their god spiritually. One would notice that Clay-Baunair is probably more religious than most nations, but does not force it on others, nor does it matter. All religions are accepted, and all are appreciated.
In regards to Islam, it lost much of it's prominence in North Africa during the collapse of the Old World, and was supplanted by native African religions (including that of the Berbers) and atheism. However, it still has many residual effects on the culture of that region and the whole nation, especially in regards to dress, social values, and architecture.

Economy and Treasury[/color]
Tax Rate: 35%
Trade Tariff Income: 10,000,000,000
How Much Tax Accounts for GDP: 19.1%

Income from Poor Population: 9,520,690,463,093
Income from Middle Population: 15,752,463,573,734
Income from Rich Population: 7,590,542,622,999
Tax Income: 31,863,696,659,466
Total Annual Income: Approx. 7.5 trillion

GDP Related Stuff
Gross Domestic Product: 81.06 trillion CC
GDP per Capita: Approx. 87.4k

National Expenditures:
Military/Security: 9%
Public/Social Support (Education, Healthcare, Etc.): 47%
Science and Tech Development: 8%
Infrastructure: 15%
Trade and Commerce: 7%
Government Operations: 6%
Miscellaneous: 8%

*Low tariffs, lax protectionist policies are currently in place, encouraging international investment and trade. We are known for our high quality luxury goods, unique items, and advanced financial structures, making trade even more lucrative and ingrained into local and regional economies. This capacity for trade has only expanded as the colonial holdings in space have gained more infrastructure, people, and investment from metropolitan Clay-Baunair. Due to all this amazing trade, Clay-Baunair, even without total Mobian support is still a major economy, rivalling other OP nations in economic power.
A range of advanced benefits and programs sponsored by the government have been established in order to provide decent, fair unemployment benefits and alleviations on the less fortunate. Even when one is not unemployed or incapable, there is an equally diverse, specialized selection of private-public initiatives that give loans, training, investments, R&D, etc. to businesses that promote competition and innovation among the population.*
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Ninja Clan of Japan of Mobius

Postby ninjaruler » 26 Aug 2012, 00:37

Note: no garuntees on how accurate this is.

Capital: Nuevo Tokyo
We also have quite a population of spanish speakers so thats where we get our capital.

well our clan is big. like really big. Like
Population:14,000,000. Roughly

Politicians: 740
80: security at our embassies. 10 military men go to each of our embassies.
160: of them are devoted to our embassies in foreign countries.
20 of these are in UMIA
20 of these are in amazonia
20 of these are in Mattopia
20 of these are in the Collective
20 of these are in Mobius
20 of these are in Ranger Republic
20 of these are in New Dublin
20 of these are in Petoria
20 of these are in Canuckia
500: well these are our home governers and senate members and well, politicians.

War Time Military:312,500 in definite spots and about 1.4 million in other spots that I am too lazy to allocate.

Infantry: 50,000
Machine Gunners:6,250
1,000 armed humvees have been added to our army we also have 50 APCs and 100 transport copters

Black ops: 18,750
Machine Gunners:12,500

Leonnes Marinos:18,750- These are our best Spec ops.
Infantry: 50,000
Machine Gunners: 12,937
Air Carriers:6

AIR FORCE: 106,250
delta ops:27,500
Pilots: 10,625
Navigators: 8,125
MP:31,500 they manage all of our military bases. But are air force trained.
800 planes as of now.
400 Bombers
400 Fighters.

Cambodian military:100,00
standing peace time:10,000
We basically just have our 10,000 Spec ops during peace The act as our secret service during this time.

Labor Strength:1,812,500
200,000 farmers
200,000 miners
200,000 woodworkers
200,000 shipbuilders
200,000 weapons makers
125,000 crewmen
250,000 Defense workmen.
12,500 musicians.
Modern civillian ships: 500
75,00 Athletes in training for our newest olympic team.
Land developers: 9,375
police: 25,000
Janitors and Health Directors: 6,125
250,000: international work force, our own group of men that we lease out for use(presently in MAA)

1035,814,587,000CCs (last updated as of 12/7
We have a GDP of 101,000,000,000 with a 25% tax, which which gives us 26 billion a year.

we export media players and video games alike. We produce music now and airports.

Imports: well we like our beef. so We Import Cows.
and Rice and all sorts of Food.

For Updated Techs and Projects Look at the Ninja Projects Page


Currently researching: Univiserties

Aquired Techs: Naval. Air Planes
Starting Technologies: well not much
Newest update: we are noe resaerching Univiserties so that we can produce some quality scientists.

Projects: Active: Create a Navy and creating a military base in Cambodia. Creating a nukelear defense
NAVY: part one: build a large dry dock in Nuevo tokyo.
Part two build some boats. Indefinite.
Cambodia: part one build the city: 2-years left
Part two build the military base: 3-years
Nuclear defense:Part 1&2 completed part three has three years remaining.

Finished:Anti-Sea/Air Defenses.

Airlines: we have airlines with New York and with mattopia

Colonization; we have colonized the islands to the north and south of us as well as cambodia

Nuclear Defense: we have no finished our nuclear defense, it has a 50% rate of blocking it, we will be updating it do increase its chances of hitting the warhead.

*PM me if you see this little thingymajiggy, just for fun :D
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Mobius Imperial Armada

Postby musashisamurai » 26 Aug 2012, 02:17

Last updated Feb 4,2014

Mobius Imperial Armada-
-Armada High Command is located in Reykjavik
-personnel total 762,964 plus space.
-the Armada includes the Imperial Navy (including the Imperial Space Fleets), the Imperial Marines, the Imperial Naval Artillery, the Imperial Air Wing, and the Shore Establishments (including the Office of Naval Intelligence)
-emphasizes stealth

Mobius Imperial Navy (256,800):
-16 submarine wolfpacks, 6 surface task groups
-12 based on Earth and 2 on Mars: Pearl Harbor, Pacifica; London, Airstrip 1; Casablanca, Nejenab; Goa, India; Underhill, Mars; Falkland Isles, Armada territory; Tokyo, Ninja Clans of Japan. Wolfpacks are based at special underwater submarine bases, the locations of which are secret.
-Each fleet has:1 Leviathan v3 (floating fortress), 6 heavy cruisers, 8 advanced stealth destroyers, 12 stealth frigates. Northern fleets may have heavy icebreaker-variants of the heavy cruiser. Usually, 20 stealth support ships that also function as escorts
-Wolfpacks have 1 Leviathan v4 (submarine fortress), 100 piranha unmanned subs, 25 hammerhead v2 patrol subs, 20 stealth subs, various cyborg animals. Usually only 10 support ships, but they have more submarine bases globally.
ONI ships are also attached but separate from the fleet, a small flotilla of spy subs. See below.
-6 Leviathan v3 (+4 in storage)
-16 Leviathan v4
-40 Orca-class heavy cruisers (+20 in storage)
-50 Killer Whale-class advanced stealth destroyers (+25 in storage)
-75 Squid-class stealth frigates (+40 in storage)
-1600 Piranha-class unmanned subs
-350 Hammerhead v2-class patrol subs
-301 Puea v2-class stealth subs
-300 Devilfish v3-class stealth corvettes

Mobius Imperial Space Navy
-dedicated to protecting Mobius's interests in space and defending Earth (76,720)
-3 Fleets: Earth, Mars, Jupiter with a small task force near Venus and preparations for task forces to be sent to outposts outside of the solar system
-Each fleet is commanded from a battlestar, who has laser frigates (good on large ships far away) as escorts and destroyers to combat enemy fighters (comparatively closer range).
-9 Pegasus-class battlestars
-11 Vampire-class stealth cruisers
-45 Eagle super destroyers
-90 Surya Heavy Frigates (smallest warp-capable ships. ^all warp-capable as well)
-18 Dragonships (all deployed to the asteroid belt, as miners and on patrol)
-63 Black Swan-class light frigates (smaller than the Surya, they are very similar, but much shorter range) (mostly deployed in the Sol system)
-Rangi orbital weapons platforms (including Light Satellites and giant Heavy Orbital Bombardment Systems) -Firefly-class space fighters -Drop Pods and Dropships -Predator-class assault vehicles -Various other light support craft
-15,000 Space Marines

Mobius Imperial Air Wing-squadrons of fighters and scouts for naval vessels. While most serve from aboard the Leviathans or from land bases, many of the Air Wing's resources are spread among the navy, piloting the small aircraft each ship is capable of launching. Operates various aircraft
-Predator-class assault vehicles -Pelican-class heavy dropships -Werewolf-class stealth assault vehicles -Falcon-class helicopters (standard helicopter, with lots of loadouts or variants) -Owl-class stealth drones -Hades-class heavy gunships (from Baun, modded for naval warfare or recon) -Wyvern-class stealth multirole fighter (the standard fighter aircraft)

Mobius Imperial Marine Corp ~(208,400 personnel)
--is very well motivated, trained and equipped, and operates under a strong sense of duty and "esprit de corps", including things like never leaving a wounded comrade behind, even at cost of the mission.
-40 Marine Legions, stationed at various bases and ports
--in addition, there are also Fleet Marines stationed onboard naval vessels, Embassy Marines stationed at diplomatic missions where applicable, and rotated into training camps for new recruits or for training local militias, if asked.
-2,500 responsible for training recruits or current members
-2,500 special operations forces (operating Predator-class assault vehicles, Falcon-class helicopters and other various equipment as needed)
-1,500 security personnel at naval bases, ships, and Pacifican embassies

Table of Organization-Marine Legion (~5,000 operatives)
-1 Infantry regiment, 1 Armor regiment, 1 Artillery regiment, 1 Aircraft regiment, 1 Command and Support regiment
--Command Regiment (1288 operatives): Headquarters (153 operatives);Maintenance and Repair (320 operatives); Communications, Cryptography and Cyberwarfare (143 operatives); Medical (96 operatives, 30 crewmen, 30 doctors, Field Hospital, 30 Beast-class medical G.E.Vs); Intelligence (from ONI, 84 operatives);Mobile Armored Combat Engineers (30); Transport (156 Kangaroo armored trucks, 312 operatives); Supply (150). (Total of 1288 operatives,
--Armor Regiment: 8 Companies of 4 platoons of 6 Beast-class armored G.E.Vs (a platoon has 5 standard Beast-G.E.Vs and one command variant); 4 companies of 1 Direwolf tank command variant and 4 platoons of 4 standard Direwolf tanks; unmanned cybertanks are added as needed (total of 64 standard tanks, 4 command tanks, 144 G.E.Vs, 48 command G.E.Vs, a varying amount of unmanned cybertanks, 944 operatives)
--Infantry Regiment: 4 Battalions of 4 Companies of 4 Platoons of 4 Squads. Each squad consists of 5 soldiers (Corporal, Advance Point Watch/Scout, Point Watch Support, 2 Heavy Weapons), and their equipment, powered armor integrated with several other systems including remote weapons systems, high-tech assault rifles, heavy repeaters, heavy support weapons, 5 Prowler-class Nightmarchers robot, Owl v3 drones, and networked together both as a squad and as part of a platoon, with onboard supercomputing microprocessors and AIs. Companies have their own support staff, often pooled with other companies, 15 technicians and 1 logistical support officer. (1536 operatives, 1280 combat personnel in 256 squads, 256 support technicians and logistics staff)
--Artillery regiment (other artillery is under the Infantry): 8 Batteries of 6 Hog rocket howitzers, plus a command unit and 6 ammo-haulers (both Beast-class G.E.V variants); 6 batteries of area air defense units, each battery has 6 different cars, one of which is command; 22 batteries of heavy launch rocket artillery, each has 2 tanks modified to carry extra missiles and one regular tank as escort. (48 rocket howitzers, 48 ammo haulers, 14 command cars, 30 Beast-class air defense G.E.Vs, 44 Scorpion-class rocket artillery, 22 Direwolf supertanks, 546 operatives)
--Aircraft regiment: 4 Companies of 6 platoons of 5 Sea Gull stealth gunships (crew of 2) and 1 Sea Gull command gunship (crew of 4) with extra support weapons and an EW suite; 3 companies of 6 squadrons of 3 drones (3 men a squadron). Lastly, Predator-class assault vehicles and Pelican dropships used for long-range transportation of troops, supplies or equipment and for combat. A variant of the Pelican, the Pelican gunship is used for close-in air support and as a fighter aircraft. (75 drones, 96 stealth gunships, 24 command gunships, 40 assault vehicles, 40 Pelican dropships, 15 Pelican fighters, 590 operatives)

Specialist Squads:
-Headhunters: Two-man Sniper/Spotter teams. Sniper teams are generally equipped with a suppressed sidearm, a 10mm Hellbore submachine gun, a sniper rifle, integrated recon and intel suits, and Owl v3 drones. Each team member is fully cross trained in the other position as well, and could operate as either Sniper or Spotter. The Sniper is equipped with a very heavy barrel flechette gun model specialized for long range accuracy while the Spotter carries the Hellbore submachine which is also often used for sniping, and a laser designator for heavier weapons mounted elsewhere. Both members of the Headhunter teams wear the mobile scout suit with heavy stealth features and upgraded for superior mobility with extra intel/recon capacity. Every Regiment has 10 Headhunter teams (20 operatives) in their own "platoon", although they never operate "together"

-MACE (Mobile Armored Combat Engineers): Equipped with larger 'construction' power suits, MACE units operate on the front lines with the armored units, carrying mobile construction gear and powered equipment with them. They have heavy powered entrenching, clearing, and felling tools that are semi-autonomous, with limited AI support and direct squad control. These 'construction robots' followed the squad and operated on direct command from MACE squad members. The abilities of the power suit and the amplification of their natural abilities, along with the dedicated support equipment assigned to them, MACE units can do three times the work of their non-armored counterparts. Every Legion has 3 MACE teams (30 operatives) currently, but this can change according to the situation, and every infantrymen knows basic fortifications and revetment building.

-SUPER HFPE Athenian super soldiers. Like Spartans from Halo, but psychic and better.

Vehicles and Aircraft:
-700 OGRE cybertanks
----- 150 heavy OGREs, 225 OGREs, 25 OGREcovery, 25 OGREngineers, 50 heavy OGREAPERs, 100 light OGREAPERS, 75 Light OGREs, 40 ESPIONOGRE/OGREcon's, 10 Stealth OGREs
-3400 super-heavy tanks (currently operating Direwolf super heavy tanks) (840 in storage)
-160 command tanks (a variant of the Direwolf)
-120 tank transporters -210 G.E.V transporters
-5760 Beast-class G.E.Vs (standard)
-2480 Beast command G.E.Vs
-1200 Beast medical G.E.Vs
-1200 Beast area air defense G.E.Vs
-1920 Beast ammo haulers
-1920 Hog rocket howitzers
-1760 Scorpion heavy missile tanks/rocket artillery
-3840 Falcon light stealth helicopters
-960 Falcon stealth command helicopters
-1400 Predator assault vehicles
-700 Pelican dropships
-6240 Kangaroo armored truck G.E.Vs
-large numbers of "skimmers" or essentially one-man hovercraft, used by infantry for quick travel in or above the water and ground.
-210 Mini-Decs -HFPE 790 Lolos

(Pretty much all below is HFPE)
Office of Naval Intelligence HFPE ~(20,044 personnel) (spies would find a lower number to the presence of super soldiers)
-Tasked with collecting naval intelligence, counter-espionage, frogmen activities, cryptography related operations, internal affairs, secretive technology research and testing, and also possesses its own special ops force. Most of ONI's operations are HFPE Includes the Psi Corps, our Oro human-tanks, the entire Nightmarchers program, jurisdiction and command over Athenian super soldiers and variants

-EXTREMELY HFPE, secret even to most ONI personnel Section Zero (ONI Internal Affairs and Psi Corps). Extremely discreet, highly classified, ONI INTERNAL and ONI PSICORPS are unknown outside of ONI. They police the rest of ONI and the Armada for spies or defectors. They also are in charge of the Cerebro and Sentinel program, contrary to what Section II may think. They are composed of only the strongest psychics we can find and train. (500 psychic operatives)
--Section I (ONI INTEL) main branch of ONI, tasked with gathering intelligence, counterespionage, and covert operations. They work closely with Naval Special Operations Command and frequently loan or share equipment or men. The OGRE program and the various powered armors, while not their creation, were originally created specifically with them in mind (4,800 Operatives, 2,560 Athenian super soldiers)
--Section II (ONI R&D) top secret research division, responsible for creating new classified technologies, including the Nightmarchers classes of technology and the creation of Athenian super soldier units along with things like nukes or codes. Whenever possible, Section II works to reverse engineer captured foreign tech. Most technology used by the Armada originated here, and Section II is constantly improving them (3,608 personnel)

--ONI Security is a shared asset between I and II, ONI Security protect ONI bases and act as a liaison with other branches in certain situations. In the event a base would be overrun, Security will destroy any classified data to prevent it falling into enemy hands. (1,100 Operatives, 432 Oro cyborg tanks or 6 platoons of 6 Oro Cyborgs, 250 Athenians on call or on forward deployment)
--ONI maintains their own bases, separate from naval bases globally, for intelligence gathering and as hide-outs, although many are within a short distance to fleet bases.
--400 elite special operations personnel chosen from the Marine Corp (not super soldiers, meant to hide their existence with an equivalent unit)
--ONI has its own variants of standard equipment or vehicles, but they often requisition resources from elsewhere if needed.
-(2) Ghost Legions of Kapua soldiers: 6,400 Athenians employed as paramilitary soldiers (Currently IN CRYO) (Units are rotated in cryogenic sleep, active stand-by, and deployed as needed. At any time, at least a quarter are in active stand-by or deployed)
-various support and transport equipment at bases, along with base defense staff. Recon vehicles are also kept at bases as well for soldiers
-Nightmarchers v2 Commando armor as standard. Weapons vary, but generally suppressed submachines, sidearms, and sniper rifles are common with heavier weapons like machine guns or rocket launchers used as needed per mission.
--580 Werewolf stealth assault vehicles (variant of the Predator, emphasizing stealth more than firepower, used by their spec ops)
-Requisitioning of other Armada equipment or vehicles when needed

Mobius Imperial Naval Artillery~(15,000 personnel)
- 6 Divisions of 2,500
-deployed in each member nation of Mobius to man naval defenses and coordinate local units with the neighboring fleets and national forces, as well as other forces when applicable
-responsible for most coastal shore-based defenses along with commanding autonomous naval defenses elsewhere.
--ASROC and guided anti-ship missile emplacements, mines, auto-torpedoes, coastal defense rail guns, area defense plasma cannons
--surface to orbit missiles, anti-ship plasma cannons (much larger than normal ones), Mjnollnirs, truck-mounted missile launchers, tank-mounted plasma cannons, Rangi satellites
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Re: Mobius: Greater Mobius

Postby Zander » 26 Aug 2012, 02:40

Country name: The Vanir Collective
First land: Central Greenland
Capital City: Freedom City
Government type: Democracy

14 Æsir Minds hive-minds
7,000,000 Æsir Worker Drones
30,000 Æsir thought Units

100 Retired Beserkers
10 Host-human pairs
5 Nomad immigrants
50 Intelligent Dogs

Information on size of Military: 10,000 Lepman acid-spewers
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Re: Mobius: Greater Mobius

Postby Terminus » 26 Aug 2012, 05:08

So, what's this all about? Don't you already have that Imperial Report page?

Oh, and hello Bob and iShine.
Hmmm... :|
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