7-player variant played on the standard map with two modifications. Similar to Seismic but with some differences. Created by Jeremy Maiden. GM: Pedros.


Postby Pedros » 08 Jun 2011, 17:58

Congratulations to vaderi on a very convincing victory. Apart from anything else, I believe he was the only player not to NMR (on a movement phase) in the game - though I haven't checked that.
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Re: AARs

Postby Rughat » 08 Jun 2011, 18:44

Obviously I have little to say - I'm glad I could help you folks come to a conclusion without a major power going NMR for the last turn. And if Italy and I could have combined on our Geophysical moves, I think we could have held France off for a little while longer. Glad to have helped out!
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Re: AARs

Postby vaderi » 08 Jun 2011, 22:55

Yay! I won! that's the first forum game I've won :) . It was a great game and everyone was a great sport.

At the game start I got dealt France and while it's not my favorite country it's also not my least favorite so I was curious about the opportunities that Geophysical presented. Turkey and Germany both contacted me before I had a chance to seek out my neighbors, Turkey tried to set England and me against Germany and then Russia while Germany immediately made himself useful and friendly to me. England expressed disinterest in attacking Germany and Russia so I suggested to Germany that we take out England quickly and split the spoils between us. Italy and I got off to a rocky start but it stayed peaceful for a long time, I admit I was worried about what he might do than what he was doing and that colored my actions (that and he decided to be snarky the first time we talked). I didn't really conduct any other diplomacy, I felt I had the early game mapped out and wasn't concered with Russia or Turkey (I did talk a little with Austria but it didn't really matter).

3001 went almost perfectly for me, I got into the North sea, Germany got into North Sea and I didn't get into a fight with Italy. Only a couple of events marred 01 for me the first was that Germany NMR'd in Winter 01 which meant that he had to raise the Heligoland Bight which delayed our attack on England and later enabled him to halt me just outside Kiel. The second was that in what was almost England's last gasp he raised Wales! as if Wales wasn't mountainous enough! So I had to go around through the Irish Sea.

England had one last shot to fire in 3002 and as Pedros put it so well:
Pedros wrote:But having done all the hard work, with England at his mercy, France manages an NMR (and loses a fleet into the bargain!)

Though I didn't lose the fleet that NMR decided for me what that fleet was going to do, mess with Italy. I would point out that I was in Maine and without reliable Internet access when I NMR'd and I had been unable to get access to the Internet since the last phase.

Nothing much happened in 3003 but I did decide to aid Turkey against Italy so as to break Italy's dominance of the Med, I also wanted to aid the underdog which Turkey certainly was and it didn't escape me that Italy could hold Tunis much easier than Turkey could. Germany forced my hand by NMRing again, I had wanted to attack Italy with Germany's aid and then head east from there (or attack Germany then) but I certainly didn't want to fight Germany but what else could I do? I felt that Germany wasn't leaving me many options so I stabbed him.

Amusingly in 3004 I semi NMR'd, I forgot to send in orders other than my geophysical attack and stabilizes, unfortunately they were me stabbing Germany and I thought my attack over before it started but I resolved to follow through no matter what. Austria also lost Vienna beginning a spiral of defeat that ended in Naples :lol:

And Germany NMR'd on exactly the right turn (a seriously bad habit of his, failing to enter orders just when they could have saved him) and I marched right on into Belgium and the North Sea. When he realized what was going on in the Fall, it was already too late, he lost all of England, Belgium and Ruhr. Also I set my policy on OPMs by raising the Ionian and destroying Turkey's last fleet and taking Tunis for myself. This was the year Russia lost his lead(yes Germany had briefly managed to gain 10 SCs but he lost 2 almost as soon as he got them), before 3005 Russia's style of warfare (using units to supplement Geophysical attacks) had allowed Russia to grow to 10 SCs relatively quickly and survive several NMRs. I had been using Geophysical attacks to supplement and enable regular attacks and so I'd gained SCs slower(Germany's NMRs are the main reason I did so well I think) and with effective demise of Austria, Russia lost his only ally (at least that's what it looked like to me, Spek or laserr can probably correct me if I'm wrong).

In 3006 I sent Germany reeling again, despite his best efforts I was once again in the North Sea and I had taken Holland, unfortunately I realized too late I couldn't possibly hold Holland if Germany didn't NMR, so I suggested to Russia that I raise Ska and he raise the Baltic Sea thereby destroying Germany's fleet in Denmark and preventing him from retaking Holland. Spek liked the idea but failed to mention that he too was going to raise Ska, that worked out and it probably would have saved my ass had Thapauly not NMR'd for the last time.

LogicCure arrived on his white horse to save Germany from the fearsome French in 3007 and we were able to quickly negotiate a peace, I would board up the Belgian/Ruhr border and he would leave Heligoland. I had pointed out that my war with Germany had pretty much run out of steam and I would not be doing much until Russia cracked Denmark if we kept fighting, I also pointed out that I was at last ready to attack Italy and Russia. I offered Austria aid and stuck by my word until the last turn of the game, together we successfully deprived Italy of 2 SCs. I also opened fire on Russia with the taking of Norway, one of only two SCs Russia lost during the entire game (both to me :P).

3008 saw me whaling on Italy and setting up to take StP from Russia. Nothing much else happened.

and of course 3009 saw the end of the game, the spring was disappointing with only 2 out of the remaining 5 players entering orders.

I didn't do nearly as much diplomacizing as I usually do, part of it was of course my continuing frustration at always having to initiate conversation (though I didn't have to at the beginning of this game) but a large part of it was that the countries in the east were concerned only with the other countries in the east, while in the west we were concerned with each other first and foremost. Germany and Russia started off the game by making it nearly impossible for one to attack the other. The final nail in the coffin of my efforts at diplomacy was that I was barely on speaking terms with Italy and before I stabbed Germany I had no common border with Russia and until I made peace with Germany I had nothing to do with Russia and by the time I had something to say to Russia I had been at war with all of my neighbors and only Germany was at peace with me. I did talk quite a bit with Thapauly but once he dropped out my PMs did too.

It was a pity how many NMRs this game saw (including 1 and a half by me :mrgreen: ).
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Re: AARs

Postby VGhost » 10 Jun 2011, 04:55

I may elaborate this later, but the quick version:

I worked with Turkey to take Greece from Austria, then turned on Turkey with Austrian help and nuked him into almost oblivion... but I got careless and lost Tunis, which played a HUGE part in my later plans.

I arranged a stab of Austria with Germany (who didn't seem long for the world but needed SCs and agreed to help out).

German NMR.

I talked to him, got a promise he'd be there next time, tried again.

German NMR, and this wrecked my position as France was moving in.

At this point I gave up on actually winning (sorry guys, I was frustrated) and decided to take Austria with me. This failed (well, I guess we died the same turn so it sort of worked?) at least partly due to another NMR or so by ... Germany. A different player, no less.

I had fun while I was doing well, and got really frustrated when things went badly. The German alliance was, I think, the correct strategic decision but it just... never happened. Once committed though, I didn't have any idea what to do instead, and kept pounding against a wall.

And that's that.
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