DBN Invitational tournament 2022

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DBN Invitational tournament 2022

Postby Malarky » 20 Feb 2022, 04:26

The Diplomacy Broadcast Network runs an invitational tournament annually. To be eligible for the DBNI you have to play at least 2 vFTF games in qualifying events in the year because the DBNI is a virtual tournament itself; the organisers don't think it's appropriate to give someone an invite if they don't have virtual Dip experience. And to qualify you have to score enough points from FTF, vFTF or "Extended Deadline" (remote/online) tournaments to finish in the top 28 or the DBN rankings.

The 2022 DBNI has started. The will be broadcasting commentary from the final two rounds of the semi-finals tomorrow if you want to have a watch and have a Sunday free. I watched much of the commentary of the first two rounds on Saturday and found it a good watch... and I'm not a fan of commentaries (and saw a couple of interesting openings, too).

I'm hoping that the Playdiplomacy Classic Open tournament will be a points scoring event for the 2023 DBNI. It's obviously not a vFTF event so it won't make you eligible, but if you do play in a vFTF tournament this year, chances are you'll get at least two games under your belt so a good showing in the PCO might get you some decent points.
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