How many games to play at once?

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Re: How many games to play at once?

Postby MasterGR » 11 May 2021, 21:16

Yeah, as V also noted, breaks are important for recharging. I usually take 2-3 weeks off after a series of 2-3 games.
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Re: How many games to play at once?

Postby DirtyHarry » 17 May 2021, 01:43

CapturingBravo - I had this same problem a few years ago and wound up surrendering a few games simply because I was in too many games at the same time. So I agree with V in that one top level game at a time is best, as to play one well takes a lot of effort. I've taken to playing more GunBoat recently so I can get more experience in games that require less effort.

And another self defense mechanism I employ is having another game to play so that I don't join too many Dip games when I'm bored. I started playing Chess again online so I have some something to do on those slow days when not much is happening in my press games.
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