Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

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Re: Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

Postby Justinrs2 » 28 Mar 2021, 18:39

Having a scum mentor could be helpful, and fun. Maybe put it in one of the 7-2 games.

My game is to be run... flexibly. If someone wants to put a 7-2 ahead of it, that's fine with me.
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Re: Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

Postby Subotai45 » 28 Mar 2021, 19:20

Iirc, Condude and I had a scum victory in one of my earliest games - a newbie one, which had mentors on both sides. Sjg was our coach and I think it helped, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that again, but I do think some bog-standard mafia would be in order as well.
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Re: Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

Postby Nanook » 29 Mar 2021, 22:38

There are some reasonably decent articles on playing scum for those so inclined

Honestly imo the biggest thing is just having confidence in yourself.
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Re: Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

Postby Keirador » 01 Apr 2021, 04:09

Catching up to this while the party Wizard is shopping for scrolls:

I owe an apology to Strat given multiple assertions, including your own Strat, that you do try as scum. My understanding of how you got strongly townread this last game (Infinite Jest) based on a meta-read from a past scum game led me to believe something untrue without evidence so again, I apologize.

kim, I know you were really sick. And you were the person who imparted to me the wisdom that playing scum in a hopeless or low-hope situation was just a public service to the town.

Granted to all that scum just have less practice and struggle more. As I argued earlier, I strongly believe simple set-ups with straight-forward night-kills would help scum enormously. Mentors are also a good idea, but our pool of players who have won as scum recently is. . . limited.
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Re: Infinite Jest Mafia - ONAN Win!

Postby bkbkbk » 03 Apr 2021, 14:04

Wouldn't be opposed to 'scum mentoring', if the prospect of tips from someone who hasn't played in years and isn't at all familiar with whatever meta there is these days sounds attractive. Maybe a nice way to feel involved without having to worry about posting. And some of my favourite games here were the ones where I got to play scum and pull strings.

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