Earliest Solo Victory

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Re: Earliest Solo Victory

Postby David E. Cohen » 27 Feb 2021, 02:03

scottyno wrote:I soloed a chaos game after 1906 where I had 10 after 1902 and 16 after 1905, but that's a little different because I got a really favorable starting draw

Ok, I'll bite. How does one go from a single unit in Chaos in 1901 to ten units in 1902?

P.S. Look at me. 500 posts. And it only took a little over 13 years to do it. :lol:
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Re: Earliest Solo Victory

Postby mjparrett » 27 Feb 2021, 13:34

Game 127709 - I solo'd as Russia in 1905. The game was marred by a few NMRs by the end but I pretty much had it sewn up by then anyway. I was pretty pleased with it as I agree - don't think it can be done any faster unless there is some kind of conspiracy going on!
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Re: Earliest Solo Victory

Postby drillbit » 27 Feb 2021, 19:08

I once finished a Milan game as Russia with 22 centres in 1906 (160718), dead chuffed with that one.

I did read a post on here a couple of years ago that referenced an old time legend winning as Italy in 1905, can't remember her name though.
(I can't find the post. It must have been in a blog or something).
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Re: Earliest Solo Victory

Postby scottyno » 19 Mar 2021, 05:20

Just finished off game 191570 as a 19 center russia after 1905. I think there was 1 NMR by a 3 center power midgame and a couple of misorders by other countries that helped, but it may have been pulled off even without those, not sure.

There's no chance it can be done any faster than 5 years without coordination for people to just walk out of centers or everyone else just waiving builds.
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