Virtual World Diplomacy Classic

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Virtual World Diplomacy Classic

Postby FloridaMan » 08 Dec 2020, 00:31

Hi PlayDiplomacy folks,

Isn't this a crazy year, when half of us are under some form of lockdown or other half the time? It's the sort of year when we've had to learn to work virtually (if we didn't already), many of us have rescheduled or cancelled planned trips, and unfortunately, the Diplomacy tournaments we were all looking forward to had to be cancelled... is what I would be saying, if tournament organizers weren't incredibly clever at organizing things through the Internet!

Although the usual WDC tournament could not be held at its planned in-person location this year, organizers have scheduled a Virtual World Diplomacy Classic from December 18-20, 2020.

I remember in 2018, when PlayDiplomacy got really into the WDC held in Washington, D.C., and I myself made an appearance. PlayDiplomacy was well-represented at that tournament, and one of our own, Conq, even represented the online community on the top board (despite the fact that it was his very first tournament!!!), holding his own against top face to face players including former world champions.

I'm not saying that you have to make time to participate in this thing this time, but with this tournament being held online, through Backstabbr and Discord, I am saying that it is a lot less trouble to attend this one than it was to make a special trip to D.C. I encourage PlayDip people to rampage through this tournament, crushing folks who prefer other sites or are used to playing in person beneath our heels, driving them before us, etc.

If you have a little time, go out there and win one for the Gator! ;)

Full details here:
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Re: Virtual World Diplomacy Classic

Postby Woolgie » 08 Dec 2020, 01:38

My name is Woolgie and I endorse this message. I’m also playing in the tournament.
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