Question RE Movement Rules

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Question RE Movement Rules

Postby ehangeto4 » 19 Sep 2020, 14:33

In our current game we had Munich supporting an attack on Berlin, Burgundy attacking Munich and Marseilles attacking Burgundy.

What ended up happening is the support to the unit attacking Berlin was cut, Burgundy bounced off of Munich and Marseilles bounced off of Burgundy.

I understand that this is a legal move but I have to question the logic. Shouldn't the attacking unit disrupt the action of cutting support? It seams unfair that Burgundy gets to cut support and defend its territory. I am wondering if there is a reason behind this or it just is the way it is.
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Re: Question RE Movement Rules

Postby Strategus » 19 Sep 2020, 15:04

No, this is the rule. A unut will cut support even if it is atta ked. The only exception is it can't cut the support of a unit which is attacking it (unless it itself is supported and dislodges the support).
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