Balkan Brawl - 0/4 - Recruiting

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Balkan Brawl - 0/4 - Recruiting

Postby VGhost » 19 Sep 2020, 00:34

The Baltic too wide open for you? Come spar in the Balkan Brawl! 4 powers, 17 centers, in the knife fight to end all knife fights.

Standard board, standard starting units. Italy, Austria, Russia, and Turkey only, and Russia's minus St. Petersburg. Edge of the playing area is Moscow-Warsaw-Silesia-Bohemia-Tyrolia-Piedmont-Tuscany-Tyrhennian Sea-Tunis. I have no idea what the balance is other than wacky. First to nine wins.

2/1/1, going to use (gasp!) forum messages for communication. Deadlines likely around 7:00 PM US Eastern. Standard PbF rules apply.

[Map Goes Here When I Can Be Bothered to Put it Up]



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