Paging Waterice Man

22-player WWII simulation-style game, starting 1935. Created by Waterice Man. GM: Waterice Man. game ended with no resolution.

Paging Waterice Man

Postby AardvarkArmy » 18 Aug 2010, 09:01

Can we get an official pronouncement on this game... seems like a waste of time to keep checking back... is this game dead?

1930-China/BattleIsleA-Winterfell/S&S-Turkey/WORLD INFL-Venezuela/LECRAE-Dublin/WWIV.2-Cali/IMPERIAL1861.1-Trky/YNGSTWN.1-Grmny/AMERICAS.2-Mex/AFRICAN.2-S.Arabia
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Re: Paging Waterice Man

Postby Waterice man » 18 Aug 2010, 12:12

There just doesn't seem to be the interest. I have but a fraction of the build orders I need.
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Re: Paging Waterice Man

Postby vaderi » 18 Aug 2010, 14:42

that sucks. well, at least you got me to buy HOI3 :D
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Re: Paging Waterice Man

Postby AlphaActive » 18 Aug 2010, 18:03

Hey Waterice... let's quit the game. I don't think God want's it to live anymore. It was good though :)
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Re: Paging Waterice Man

Postby feldspar » 20 Aug 2010, 06:01

I would also agree it was a good game, and if it ends now, I don't think anybody would complain of it ending too early. I thought it was a great concept for a game. It had balance flaws, but it was designed to work with those flaws to change the dynamics of diplomacy (plus, what forum games DON'T have flaws?).

I loved being the USSR, and I even liked enjoyed off all my neighbours at once. It made me feel extremely powerful (because I was). I even think it was probably the idea for them, as otherwise I would have been amassing Coup Points so fast that it would've been ridiculous. The first year I got 10 (I think) and had enough armies to defend until the next build phase. Kudos to everybody on a game well played!

And many thanks to Waterice Man for having the patience and dedication to GM this awesome variant.
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