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AAR SuperPastis21 Game 2D - 192859

Postby Pete the Great » 11 Jun 2021, 04:02

England Pete the Great (5way DRAW)
France CapturingBravo (5way DRAW)
Italy Abraxsus (5way DRAW)
Germany smartiperson (Josey Wales 1901 and Spring 1902)
Austria Jensen
Turrkey Pootleflump (5way DRAW)
Russia Perygl (5way DRAW)

Note: I messaged with Pootleflump (board topper) and she told me it was OK to kick this off as she is extremely busy at present.

I started this game with very low expectations. My last start as England was back in the 1980’s and England was eliminated in 75% of early rounds last year. I figured if I survived until the end it would be a win in my book. Surprisingly France and I hit it off immediately in opening messages, which gave me pause as my paradigm was France would be my nemesis. Germany’s opening message was positive and Russia was silent. From this a WT emerged. Things progressed well with each of us gaining 2 in 1901. Now to convince others that the map was an illusion. Several hours before the spring 1901 deadline, Russia opened its embassies.

Spring 02 found me in Bar and Swe with a 2nd army in position to convoy to Nwy, things were going like clockwork versus Russia. Then the first major turning point of the game occurred. Germany (Josey Wales) withdrew from the tournament due to IRL issues and everything unraveled. The new German Kaiser (samrtiperson) seemed on board, but as it turned out, never read any of the correspondence leading up to that point. Fall 02 was a shock as army Swe was destroyed and Bel went (though that had been planned: Bel for Swe). France was invaded at Burgundy and LOL, Austria was stabbed. The new German Kaiser entered the game with a bang.

1903 to 1905 was characterized as the development of a northern triple (EFR), speculation on a central triple (CT) and a see-saw battle for control of Scandinavia. Germany continued to make promises to France and myself trying to start an EF war, but then would do something contrary to promises. France and I vowed to end the German uncertainty. Meanwhile Pootleflump (Turkey) was making progress in Austria.

A note on playing with Pootleflump. She and I had a good dialogue throughout most of the game. She played herself off as a tactical noob, which hit a bullseye on diplomatic relations with me, as I enjoy analysis and tactics. Though I scaled back on free advice once she became board leader. I had no idea who she was and actually thought it was a guy as she referenced herself as Sultan Sam.

1905 saw the opening of Turkey’s war on Russia. This came at an inopportune time as Scandinavia was finally coming under control and the NT was starting to hit on all cylinders.

1906 saw the collapse and elimination of both Germany and Austria. Now it became a race to contain Turkey. Italy was Pootle’s staunch ally and no matter how hard we tried to get Italy to flip sides, they would not budge. My final attempt came in spring 1907. Italy had an opportunity to move Tri to Ser and destabilize the entire Turkish eastern line. France and I were both willing to bring Italy on board and had worked out a plan for a narrow front for ourselves through Germany and into northeastern Austria. Unfortunately Italy could not be persuaded and any further chance to rein in Pootle so others could get bonus points was lost. From this point on the game was solo prevention.

Fall 1907 was my final game changer. Russia stabbed France at Munich and ended our final opportunities to push Turkey back. From this point on every turn was a center count of what Turkey could take and how we could prevent 18. StP, Ber and Mun were in play as to what we could influence. All other centers in play were behind Italian front lines. France and I did not feel we could depend on Russia, so plans were developed to grab StP and stop any chance of Turkey taking it.

1908 saw Turkey finally stab Italy. France finally started to make some diplomatic headway with Italy on containment of Turkey. However, there was contention over Tunis, which ultimately stayed in Turkey’s column. We prevented StP, Ber and Mun from going over, though Tun, Nap and Tri flipped out of Italy’s column.

Good game by all. Definitely exciting with many twists and turns. Congrats to Pootleflump on a well-deserved top board. It was an honor to finally share a board with you. CapturingBravo it was very enjoyable being your ally with our many daily chats. Pergyl, I had no intention of stabbing you, though I understand your 1907 apprehension when I moved Swe to Nwy (it was intended to support StP in the event Liv became dislodged). Abraxsus, samrtiperson and Jensen, thank you for adding complexity with many twists and turns. Good luck to all for the remainder of the tournament.

Edward, King of England and protector of various Scandinavian provinces
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Pete the Great
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Re: AAR SuperPastis21 Game 2D - 192859

Postby Oxmeister » 11 Jun 2021, 09:03

Firstly, thanks for a very insightful writeup Pete. I hope people don't mind an observer interjecting with my thoughts.

Secondly, congratulations on a thumping board top Pootle, I followed this game and never really doubted it was you from the first shoutbox comment, with the subsequent behaviour of Italy confirming it.

I think you and France did well under the circumstances, watching the game I thought Turkey would probably run out of time to solo , but would get to 17.

EF could perhaps only have done better by understand who Turkey was and taking it into account. From my first round experience of playing Pootle, I observed that there was no way whatsoever to influence her main ally to turn on her, and you basically have to treat them as one big country.

The actions late on of Russia were a bit unfortunate, but without knowing what press was exchanged, it's hard to know how justified her suspicions were. I wonder if it was pointed out that the game had no DSS element, and thus the motivation for England to stop the solo was many times greater than the inventive to squeeze Russia's last centers.

An interesting game by the looks, hope to see more reports.
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Re: AAR SuperPastis21 Game 2D - 192859

Postby CapturingBravo » 12 Jun 2021, 01:23

Thank you Pete! It was incredibly enjoyable to play alongside you. I have never had that much daily in-depth strategy conversations with anyone and I learned a ton from the way you think.

Since I played as France, my perspective on the game is very similar to England's/King Edward's. To keep it brief, my summary is that the game started with a dangerous WT, new Germany was skeptical of the WT as most Germany's I've played with are, and the skepticism turned to paranoia and hence England and I decided to blitz him with the help of Russia. I don't think I spoke to Turkey quite as much as Pete did, but I enjoyed my comms with Pootle as well. She clearly did a great job throughout. There was actually one point where she tried to convince me to turn on England because of how well positioned England was for a stab against me. While I understood the possibility, I trusted Pete quite a bit and wanted to continue the progress we had. In this attempt, Turkey and Italy were both sending me offers to coordinate moves. While Turkey's messages were well crafted, Italy's were very short and blunt, and I knew the efforts were baseless and not to trust them. If Italy had been more convincing, it's actually plausible I would have believed it - although I still would not have stabbed England.

Russia, it was a pleasure playing with you as well. I was really confused by your moves at the end because we had our own private chat about England and whether he was trustworthy to which you actually sounded steadfast he would not stab either of us. So I'd love to hear your perspective a bit more there.

And Oxmeister, thank you for chiming in! I like how you pointed that out about Pootle's allies. I'm curious if you or if Pootle can chime in, how does a player diplomatically get an ally with a lot less centers to be so loyal? have you noticed any trends in how pootle was able to accomplish this? Would be interesting to hear thoughts.

This was my first game ever in a tournament and this was extremely fun. Excited for more!

Emile of France

AKA CapturingBravo
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Re: AAR SuperPastis21 Game 2D - 192859

Postby Pootleflump » 12 Jun 2021, 08:54

Thanks for all the contributions and for Pete's great AAR which kicked things off.

I don't have a huge amount to add, other than to say that I'm a little uncomfortable with the focus on me.

Lots of folks will know that I've worked fontline pandemic for over a year now, which means I'm overwhelmingly busy and very tired. That said, diplomacy is my escape. This last year has been a b*gger in all sorts of ways. I've been well and truly pummelled by life (Do what you love? You most certainly did, Scamster).

It's interesting how quickly the AAR got personal. I throw this out there as food for thought and ask if that would have been the case if I'd been a male rather than a female player.

France, you were loyal and didn't stab your neighbour, you had fun daily communications and you enjoyed your neighbour's company - so in that respect we didn't play the game any differently. Italy didn't have a chance to grow, you were on his tail from the beginning of the game, and never let up. I couldn't even gift him centres to help, his units were all tied up defending against you. In the circumstances, Italy played the only game he could.

There are multiple factors in any game.

I still believe luck plays a major part in how well any game goes for you.

Austria was transparent in his manipulations and trying to play everyone off in the Eastern Corner. That didn't make him a good ally prospect from anyone's perspective. Russia was busy IRL and initial comms were few and far between, and there was a powerful Western Triple. Those things meant I was able to grow when others didn't. New Germany's style continued to occupy everyone else except me. People didn't notice me.

It was clear early on that Pete of England was a seasoned strategist who was co-ordinating movesets in the West. Once you know that he's the daddy and all-powerful, you can use that to sow a bit of paranoia amongst the rest of the team. Hence Russia's stab over Munich in 07.

When I joined PlayDip, I was fortunate enough to play with some truly great players. My first game on the site was with DarthWader. He, more than anyone taught me that Diplomacy is a game of psychology and a game of alliance. Your mission in any game is to find the loyal fish quickly, root out the stabbers, communicate all the time and to have fun.

Some games go your way. Some games don't. Sometimes the dynamics work for you, sometimes they don't.

There were some great people in this game, some great banter, some great connections and some great stories - which always makes it enjoyable. I hope everyone else had fun.

"people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
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