South American Supremacy - 1835

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South American Supremacy - 1835

Postby sroca » 17 Aug 2020, 21:52

Country Assignments:
ARGENTINA assigned to AKFD
BOLIVIA assigned to FloridaMan
BRASIL assigned to VGhost
CHILE assigned to Jordan767
COLOMBIA assigned to Antigonos
PARAGUAY assigned to RolynTrotter
PERU assigned to Don Juan of Austria
VENEZUELA assigned to bratsffl

Spring 1835 Orders:

Spring 1835 Orders Results:

Fleet Buenos Aires MOVE Bahia Blanca -> Resolved
Army Cordoba MOVE San Miguel de Tucuman -> Resolved
Army Salta HOLD -> Resolved

BOLIVIA (FloridaMan):
Fleet Antofagasta MOVE Bahia de Arica -> Resolved
Army La Paz MOVE Potosi -> Resolved

BRASIL (VGhost):
Army Manaus MOVE Mato Grosso -> Resolved
Army Rio de Janeiro MOVE Sao Paulo -> Resolved
Fleet Salvador MOVE Bahia Sao Marcos -> Resolved
Fleet Sao Paulo MOVE Bahia de Sao Sebastao -> Resolved

CHILE (Jordan767):
Army Santiago MOVE Arauncanian -> Resolved
Fleet Valparaiso MOVE Golfo de Guafo -> Resolved

COLOMBIA (Antigonos):
Army Bogota MOVE Cali -> Resolved
Fleet Cali MOVE Bahia Sechura -> Resolved
Fleet Cartagena MOVE Golfo de Darien -> Resolved

PARAGUAY (RolynTrotter):
Army Asuncion MOVE Corrientes -> Resolved
Army Concepcion MOVE Parana -> Resolved

PERU (Don Juan of Austria):
Fleet Lima MOVE Nazca Sea -> Resolved
Army Trujillo MOVE Iquitos -> Resolved

VENEZUELA (bratsffl):
Fleet Caracas MOVE Cumana -> Resolved
Army Maracaibo MOVE Barinas -> Resolved

Fall 1835 Orders:

Fall 1835 Orders Results:

Fleet Bahia Blanca MOVE Patagonia -> Resolved
Army Salta HOLD -> Resolved
Army San Miguel de Tucuman HOLD -> Resolved

BOLIVIA (FloridaMan):
Fleet Bahia de Arica MOVE Arica -> Resolved
Army Potosi HOLD -> Resolved

BRASIL (VGhost):
Fleet Bahia de Sao Sebastao MOVE Bahia de Paranagua -> Resolved
Fleet Bahia Sao Marcos MOVE Bahia de Todos os Santos -> Resolved
Army Mato Grosso MOVE Maranhao -> Resolved
Army Sao Paulo MOVE Rio Grande do Sul -> Resolved

CHILE (Jordan767):
Army Arauncanian MOVE Punta Arenas -> Resolved
Fleet Golfo de Guafo MOVE Islas Juan Fernandez -> Resolved

COLOMBIA (Antigonos):
Fleet Bahia Sechura MOVE Islas Galapagos -> Resolved
Army Cali MOVE Quito -> Resolved
Fleet Golfo de Darien MOVE Panama nc -> Resolved

PARAGUAY (RolynTrotter):
Army Corrientes HOLD -> Resolved
Army Parana MOVE Sao Paulo -> Resolved

PERU (Don Juan of Austria):
Army Iquitos HOLD -> Resolved
Fleet Nazca Sea MOVE Lima -> Resolved

VENEZUELA (bratsffl):
Army Barinas MOVE Angostura -> Resolved
Fleet Cumana HOLD -> Resolved

Winter 1835:

Winter 1835 Results:

BUILD Fleet Buenos Aires -> Resolved
BUILD Army Cordoba -> Resolved

BOLIVIA (FloridaMan):
BUILD Fleet Antofagasta -> Resolved
BUILD Army La Paz -> Resolved

BRASIL (VGhost):
BUILD Army Rio de Janeiro -> Resolved

CHILE (Jordan767):
BUILD Army Santiago -> Resolved
BUILD Fleet Valparaiso -> Resolved

COLOMBIA (Antigonos):
BUILD Army Bogota -> Resolved
BUILD Army Cali -> Resolved
BUILD Army Cartagena -> Resolved

PARAGUAY (RolynTrotter):
BUILD Army Asuncion -> Resolved
BUILD Army Concepcion -> Resolved

PERU (Don Juan of Austria):
BUILD Army Trujillo -> Resolved

VENEZUELA (bratsffl):
BUILD Fleet Caracas -> Resolved
BUILD Fleet Maracaibo -> Resolved
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