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Playdiplomacy Gunboat Cup - RULES

Postby Malarky » 27 Mar 2022, 12:07


Playdiplomacy Gunboat Cup (PGC)
: The name of the tournament.
Tournament Director (TD): The person responsible for organising and running the tournament.
Round: A series of games, started simultaneously.
Elimination round: A round which contributes to progression to the Medal Round.
Medal Round: The final round of games in the tournament, deciding final places.
Entrant: A player in the PGC tournament.
game End Date: Qualifying round games will end at the 1915 Winter turn.

1. The tournament will be run by the Tournament Director (TD) Malarky.
2. The TD’s role will be to:
- Organise and invite players to games.
- To ensure all entrants abide by the rules of the tournament.
- To adjudicate all rules issues that may arise.
- To maintain the scoring of the tournament.
3. The TD will remain neutral in regard to all adjudications.

> The tournament will be organised as a league format initially but the exact format will be decided when I have an idea of sign-ups.
> What I'm thinking of is to split the entrants into multiple groups. How many are playing in each group, and the number of groups, will depend on the number of entrants. It doesn't need to be an exact multiple of seven in each group.
> In Elimination, everyone will play 7 games, one game as each power. They'll play every other player in the tournament at least once but will play more times against players in their own group.
> At the end of Elimination, the winners of each group will progress to the Medal Round, where they'll play two more games simultaneously. Depending on how many groups we have in the Elimination rounds, other qualification for the Medal Round could be based on positions in the groups and/or positions in the overall rankings.

Qualifying Rounds
1. Each entrant will play in the Elimination rounds and score points towards qualifying for the Medal Round. (See C. SCORING below.)
2. The Elimination rounds will result in a league table for each group of players and an overall league table for the whole. These will decide the final games of the tournament in the Medal Round.
3. Each entrant will play every player in their group at least twice in Elimination.
4. Each entrant will play every player in the tournament at least once in Elimination.
5. All entrants will play 2 simultaneous games in the Elimination rounds, although not all Entrants will play simultaneous games each round.

Medal Round
6. Following the completion of all games in the Eliminations rounds the top players in each group will qualify for the Medal Round. Other qualifiers ...
7. If a player does not respond to the invite to play in the Medal Round, the position will be offered to entrants next in line to qualify for the Medal Round.
8. The Medal Round will feature two games which shall be played simultaneously
9. Points awarded in the Medal Round will be added to points awarded in the Elimination Rounds to determine who wins the tournament.

1. Primary scoring in the tournament will be the Open Profit and Loss (OPaL) system (see below).
2. Players will score the best five results from their seven games. A replacement will carry over scores from the entrant they replaced.
3. In the event of a tie, a modified Hurst Tournament Scoring (HTS) system will be used (see below) to separate players tied.

1. All games will be played on the Standard map, and will be Gunboat games.
2. All games will be No Rank games.
3. All games will be anonymous Players games - fully anonymous.
4. All games will feature PREFERENCES for power allocation. When entering a game, each entrant must choose the power allocated by the TD in EACH preference box.
(a) In the first Elimination round, the TD will randomly allocate a power to entrants.
(b) In subsequent Elimination rounds, the TD will randomly allocate a power to entrants with the provision that no entrant will play the same power twice.
(c) In the Medal Round, entrants will choose which power they want to play. In one game, preference will be given to the higher ranked players, with group winners choosing before other qualifiers; in the second game, the order of choice will be reversed.
5. Games will feature 1st turn NMR protection to protect the integrity of games.
6. If a player NMRs (does not enter orders before the deadline) the deadline will process as normal.
7. All games will feature DIAS draws.
8. All games will end in a DIAS draw if they after the Winter 1915 phase (the game End Date), regardless of whether an agreed draw has been accepted.
9. Draws will be voted on using a Secret Ballot.
10. Deadlines will be 24 hours for each phase. Finalization will be featured.

Entrants are not allowed to reveal their identity on the Forum or otherwise outside the game. A penalty will result.

1. If a player surrenders, is auto_surrendered or is removed from a game then they will be removed from the tournament.
2. If a player cannot meet their commitments in the game, they should notify the TD. The TD will seek a replacement.
3. If a player needs to take an enforced break in the game, they should notify the TD and request a deadline extension. All players are expected to accept the deadline extension. Players are only allowed one extension per game. Players MAY request a deadline extension to find a substitute.
4. If a player cannot request a deadline extension, they should seek a substitute, who may or may not be an official tournament reserve but MAY NOT be a tournament entrant or someone who has previously been a tournament entrant.
5. If an entrant withdraws from the tournament, or is removed from the tournament, the TD will seek a reserve.
6. An entrant who withdraws from a game or the tournament is not allowed to act as a Reserve and will not be placed in the tournament.
7. If a game ends while a substitute player is involved, the points awarded for the game will be counted towards the official tournament entrant.

1. The TD will maintain a list of reserves. These will be people who have agreed to replace players in games, either for one game or to replace a player who is removed/withdraws from the tournament.
2. Scoring for reserves will be adapted based on the rules for scoring.
3. A player who plays in one round but who does not play in subsequent rounds will not receive an official tournament ranking.

1. Surrendering/being surrendered from a game (see F. SURRENDERS/RESIGNING FROM THE TOURNAMENT/SUSPENDED GAMES above) with an active position - removal from the tournament.
2. Breaking anonymity rules (see E. ANONYMITY above):
- First occasion: Reduction of 25% of final Tournament Points.
- Second occasion: Removal from the Tournament.
3. Failure to join a game within the specified deadline set by the GM: Reduction of 25% of SCORE for that game OR an additional -50 points if eliminated from the game.
4. Failing to confirm participation in a game - removal from the tournament.
5. The TD will enforce all site rules.
(a) The TD will remove any player who seeks advice about playing the game outside of the game, whether on Playdiplomacy or any other platform.
6. The TD reserves the right to remove players from the tournament under extraordinary circumstances (as defined by the TD).
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Scoring: OPEN PROFIT AND LOSS system

Postby Malarky » 27 Mar 2022, 13:28

This system is based around the outcome of a game (solo, draw, elimination) and bonus points based on SCs held at the end of the game.

Every entrant starts the tournament on 700 points, and pledges 100 points to every game they play.

A. Outcome
If the game ends in a solo, the winner receives 600 points and every other player loses 100 points.
If the game ends in a draw, the points awarded for a game are calculated as described below.

B. Calculate the Draw Score
1. If the game ends in a draw, the players who were involved in the draw receive their 100 point pledge back. Eliminated players lose 100 points.
2. Find the total of lost points in the game, eg if 3 players were eliminated, this total is 300 points.
3. Each SC counts as a further 5 points.
4. The Draw Score (DS) is equal to the total of lost points + 170 SC pts, eg in this example, the DS would be 300 + 170 = 470.

C. Calculate each players points based on Draw Score
This is calculated on DS/n where n = number of players in the draw. In this example this would be 470/4 = 117.5.

D. Calculate each players SC score
Each players scores 5 points per SC held.
Code: Select all
Power     SC   Score
England   15      75
France    12      60
Italy      4      20
Germany    3      15
Austria    0       0
Turkey     0       0
Russia     0       0

E. Calculate the sub-total of points scored
This combines the draw points and SC score for each player.
Code: Select all
Power     DP     SC     Sub
England   117.5  75   192.5     
France    117.5  60   177.5
Italy     117.5  20   137.5
Germany   117.5  15   132.5
Austria     0     0  -100
Turkey      0     0  -100
Russia      0     0  -100

F. Calculate the tribute owed for Topping the Board
Topping the Board means finishing with most SCs on the board. If one player tops, they receive the whole of the tribute. If more than one player finishes equal top, they share the tribute equally.
Code: Select all
Power     SCs  Diff  Tribute
England   15      -       71
France    12      3       -3
Italy      4     11      -11
Germany    3     12      -12
Austria    0     15        0
Turkey     0     15        0
Russia     0     15        0
          TOTAL  71

G. Calculate the players' scores from the game
This is found by finding the sum of the sub-total and the Tribute. Players who were eliminated just score -100 (they don't have a Tribute score although they do pay tribute to the Board Topper(s).
Code: Select all
Power       Sub  Tribute  POINTS
England   192.5       71   263.5
France    177.5       -3   174.5
Italy     137.5      -11   126.5
Germany   132.5      -12   120.5
Austria     0          0  -100
Turkey      0          0  -100
Russia      0          0  -100

H. Add the points earned in the game to the tournament points
If this were the first game for each player:
Code: Select all
Power     Start  Points  Finish
England     700   263.5   963.5
France      700   174.5   874.5
Italy       700   126.5   826.5
Germany     700   120.5   820.5
Austria     700  -100     600
Turkey      700  -100     600
Russia      700  -100     600

Elimination Rounds
In the Elimination phase, players will score their 5 best scores.

Medal Round
In the Medal round, players will score both scores, which will be added to the points scored in Elimination.
However, games in the Medal Round will score at 125%, so that these games produce an exaggerated score for the total.
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Hurst Tournament Scoring

Postby Malarky » 27 Mar 2022, 13:46

The Hurst Tournament Scoring system (HTS) is based on the number of SCs held at the end of a game. It doesn't reflect what happens in a solo win, so I have adapted it to that.

A. Outcome
If the game ends in a solo, the winner scores the number of SCs they actually hold at the end of the game, eg 18+. Everyone other player scores 0 SCs.

B. Calculate the Power Score (PS)
1. For each power, find the total of number of SCs held at the end of a game.
2. Divide this number by the number of games completed.

C. Find the Player Power Score (PPS)
For each power a player controls in a game, they receive a score. This is calculated by finding the difference between the number of SCs they held at the end of the game from the PS in (B) above.

D. Find the Player Total Score (PTS)
1. For each player, find the total of each PPS in (C) above for the powers they have played.
2. Divide this sum by the number of games they have played in total.

If a player controls a power more than once, each score is taken separately for PPS and PTS purposes.
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