Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

8 player variant GM'd by Wobbly

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Re: Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

Postby CommanderTomalak » 14 Jan 2020, 09:21

Oh, and to add on, this was my second forum game with Wobbly as GM (I think? I'm hoping I'm not missing one) and it was just as fantastic as last time. Well done!
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

Postby Iamnobody » 14 Jan 2020, 15:13

I had a thought after reading the comments in this thread. Does anything think we are looking for draws too early in games like this? I find that as soon as a draw is proposed if someone declines it that might have a chance to solo the board will turn on that person to keep them from the solo. Is that the right thing to do? I don't know. I know I'm the one that brought up the first draw proposal, but if I didn't bring it up would the game ended as a three person stalemate or a solo? I wonder if there should be a rule in most games that say a draw cannot be proposed until x game years have passed.

Just some rambling thoughts from a tired person who should be working.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

Postby Nanook » 14 Jan 2020, 15:37

Ah, one of my pet topics! I’ll post some thoughts later, but the basic outline of my opinion is: draw sized scoring bad
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

Postby Strategus » 14 Jan 2020, 18:32

You can have secret ballots. Up to the GM. Also up to your diplomacy skills. I was going for a draw early on, as there is very little chance of Balkans getting a solo in this variant. I tried to manage things so nobody would stab me. I thought USSR could have gone for it at several points. Never really thought anyone else could
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4: game End and AARs

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 21 Jan 2020, 03:41

While open ballot can stink, secret ballot stinks way worse, IMO. ;) Thanks for the game guys. It did seem like a bit of a premature ending, in that I think there may have been opportunities for players to exploit... but yet, chances were good that it would still end in a 3WD 5 years down the road.

Early game, I wanted a strong alliance with Balkans and then to work on France. It seemed to work out fine, though as things progressed, Balkans wasn’t embroiled in a war with the USSR as I had hoped, and Spain and I had become stronger allies than Balkans and I were (or at least that’s how it seemed). So when the choice came to stab Balkans or Spain, I went for Balkans, and then shortly afterward was rewarded by Spain. ;)

It was fun. I liked my comms with Germany and Spain, despite RL business.
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