DoIaF V: Spring 304 AC Results

7-player variant set in Westeros. Based on Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. GM'd by Wobbly

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DoIaF V: Spring 304 AC Results

Postby Counsel0r » 09 Nov 2019, 08:13

DoIaF 5: 304 AC Spring Order Results

Greetings! Spring is posted and the results are below. One retreat from Martell, which I made. Fall 304 orders are due by Tuesday, November 12th at 6pm Central Time. As I mentioned, we'll get back on schedule during Winter.

Spring 304 Results:

Image on Imgur:

Commander Tomalak - House Baratheon
Fleet Southern Narrow Sea - Stepstones [SUCCEEDS]
Fleet Sea of Dorne S Southern Narrow Sea - Stepstones [CUT]
Fleet Myr - Pentos [SUCCEEDS]
Blackwater Bay to Dragonstone [SUCCEEDS]
Kingswood - Storm's End [SUCCEEDS]
Dornish Marches - Stormlands [BOUNCES, 1v1]
Searoad - Lannisport [BOUNCES, 1v1]
Highgarden - Ashford [BOUNCES, 1v1]
"Ours Is the Fury."

diophantus22 - House Greyjoy
"We Do Not Sow."

Aeschines - House Lannister
Flint Finger s NSS hold [SUCCEEDS]
Twins - Ironman's Bay [SUCCEEDS]
Kingsroad - The Neck [BOUNCES, 1v1]
SSS - Lannisport [BOUNCES, 1v1]
Reach - Highgarden [BOUNCES, 1v1]
Stormlands s RK - Kingswood [CUT]
KL s Duskendale [SUCCEEDS]
RK - Kingswood [SUCCEEDS]
Duskendale s KL hold [SUCCEEDS]
Crownlands - Harrenhall [SUCCEEDS]
"Hear Me Roar!"

henlo - House Martell
"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

Don Juan of Austria - House Stark
Beyond the Wall moves to bear island [BOUNCES]
Bay of ice moves to bear island [BOUNCES]
Bay of crabs moves to Narrow sea [BOUNCES]
NNS moves to Narrow Sea [BOUNCES]
Other units hold [SUCCEEDS]
"Winter Is Coming."

GhostEcho - House Targaryen
[ELIMINATED, Spring 301 AC]
"Fire and Blood."

StarkAdder - House Tyrell
The Army in Princes Pass led by Ser Loras MOVES to the Dornish Marches. Because Ser Loras likes it mushy. [BOUNCES, 1v1]
The Army in Godsgrace led by Lord Dickon Tarly MOVES to Sunspear. Because we’re just Dickon around. [SUCCEEDS]
The army in Ashford led by Lord Randall Tarly SUPPORTS Princes Pass to the Dornish Marches. Because we want to drain the swamp. [CUT]
The royal fleet in the Eastern Summer Sea SUPPORTS the Dornish army in Godsgrace to Sunspear. With rousing applause. [SUCCEEDS]
The Fleet of Braavosi pirates in Shield Islands MOVES back to Horn Hill. Indecisive bastards. [SUCCEEDS]
The Fleet in the Arbor commanded by the Sphinx MOVES to Redwynd Straits. Because the Arbor only has white left. [SUCCEEDS]
The new Fleet in Yronwood led by Ser Brienne of Tarth MOVES to Sea of Dorne, because she can. [SHE CANNOT; BOUNCES, 1v1]

Margery Tyrell hangs out with Crows.
Loras Tyrell hangs out of his clothes.
Oleanna Tyrell hags out with crones.
Samwell Tarly sends Ravens to Cincinnati.
"Growing Strong."

Let me know if you have any questions. Fall 304 orders are due by November 12th, 6pm CT.

Good luck!
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