Vain Rats 6 - Solo France - AARs

7-player variant, where each player is given special powers. GM'd by EpicDim.

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Vain Rats 6 - Solo France - AARs

Postby EpicDim » 27 Jan 2020, 16:47

Congratulations Strategus (France) on a game well played. Removing England with his Chameleon Leonides unit was fun to watch.

It was a close match and Groo (Turkey) almost had it in 1918.

Also a thank you to those folks that took over abandoned positions and finished them out. Don Juan of Austria (England 1908-1920) and TTBen (Austria 1904-1907) with a special shout out to marsman57 (1905-1921) who took over a 2 SC Russia in 1905 and brought it back to 6 SCs and played it all the way through game end in 1921.

For anyone who wants to look at all the secret information check out the #no-secrets-results channel in the discord:

Feel free to post any AARs here and/or in Discord.
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Re: Vain Rats 6 - Solo France - AARs)

Postby Strategus » 27 Jan 2020, 17:16

This was a really fun game. Thanks to Epic for running a great game. Thanks to all other players for making it enjoyable. More later.
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