Recruiting for PBEM Ambition & Empire Contest

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Recruiting for PBEM Ambition & Empire Contest

Postby VonPowell » 10 Jan 2023, 02:53

If you read the latest issue of Diplomacy World (#160), you may have noticed my article entitled (Re)Introducing Ambition & Empire. Ambition & Empire is a ten-player variant set in Europe at the conclusion of the Seven Years War. It uses a number of successful rule innovations to turn what at first glance looks like a lop-sided contest into a surprisingly balanced and nail-biting game. If you have never played Ambition & Empire before I recommend giving it a try. I am confident you will enjoy the experience. If you have played it before, then it is time to play again!
If you would like more details about Ambition & Empire, I encourage you to read the article I refer to above. It provides much of the background and logic behind the variant's design.
I am GMing a game of Ambition & Empire and looking for players. It will be a PBEM contest with Spring and Fall moves coming out on Tuesdays and Retreats and Retreats/Adjustments coming out on Thursdays. The plan is to start later this month on the 24th or 31st. Great Power selection will be through bidding. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at [email protected]. I will provide you with what you need to play (i.e., map, variant rules, house rules, bidding rules, etc.).

I look forward to hearing from you,

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