Tour of Britain vFTF

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Tour of Britain vFTF

Postby Malarky » 27 Mar 2022, 14:39

The Tour of Britain virtual Diplomacy tournament start today. Not ideal for me, unfortunately, as the games start at 4pm (BST) and, well, that cuts too far into my days (expect games of 5 or more hours!) so I can't take part.

However, if you're interested go to this link and sign-up. Games are played on the Virtual World Diplomacy server on Discord.

There's still to time to register for Round 1 :)
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Re: Tour of Britain vFTF

Postby Chairpusher » 27 Mar 2022, 18:49

Know exactly what you mean. Add to that I am getting to old to spend hours playing Dip in one session.
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