Virtual Diplomacy League - starting THIS WEEKEND

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Virtual Diplomacy League - starting THIS WEEKEND

Postby Malarky » 12 Mar 2022, 12:20

The VDL is run on the Discord server and, if you're looking for a different way to play, Virtual Dip is one way to go.

Virtual Diplomacy is a live game, with live people (mostly) and involves actually talking to people. Yep, you save your fingers in this format!

There are two rounds being held this weekend:
    Round 2 starts at 15:00 UTC and, at the time of posting, has 19 players registered
    Round 3 starts at 22:00 UTC and has 9 registered players

Unfortunately, I was signed-up for Round 1, which was due to start at 08:00 UTC but didn't get enough players, which was a shame - would've been my baptism into vFTF play! I'm trying to work out if I can register for R3 but think I'll struggle with that (maybe if I go to bed early and drink lots of water from about 17:00 onwards...)

Give it a try! A very different animal to Remote play!
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