Nexus Press League

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Nexus Press League

Postby Malarky » 12 Mar 2022, 12:05

We have our very own PDL here, of course, this year under the governorship of the vivacious V, but if you're wanting to get involved in another league, why not try the Nexus Press League on the Discord server? It's been running for a while, now, and the fantastic Playdip community is decidedly under-represented. Now that's a great compliment to the brilliant people who run Playdip, in that we're happy to play out Dip here, but - because we're obviously the best Online Dippers ever :D - it would be nice to prove that elsewhere!

So why not give it a go?
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Re: Nexus Press League

Postby Custer » 12 Mar 2022, 15:04

I checked it out and stopped at (they/them) whatever that means.......


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