"Diplomacy For Popes" Starts 8th Edition (Discord)

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"Diplomacy For Popes" Starts 8th Edition (Discord)

Postby Cheydinal » 21 Sep 2020, 12:15

Hi there,

our 8th edition of "Diplomacy For Popes" will be starting soon. Here, you'll be spending your time climbing the ladder of feudal states, that you yourself are founding: Go from Count, to Duke, to King, to Emperor, by vassalizing more and more fellow players. If your diplomatic skills are good enough to win the religious election, perhaps you even manage to become Pope; giving you the power to start Holy Wars and crown - or excommunicate - Kings and Emperors...

Just look at how our last game ended. Glorious...

(Stripes indicate that that player pledged allegiance to somebody else)

So come and join us, over on our Discord server. Don't worry, once you arrive, our active community volunteers will be notified, and help you find your way around https://discord.gg/XQvJVRz
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