Discord Diplomacy Tournament - Season II sign-ups open!

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Discord Diplomacy Tournament - Season II sign-ups open!

Postby Enriador » 22 Jan 2019, 16:19

Hello PlayDippers! A second season of the Discord Diplomacy Tournament is upon us. Season I had 92 players who played 44 games, ending with a victory to @iosers's Germany.

Here's what you need to know:

Official Tournament Game Specs:
• Classic Europe
• Game playable until 1910
• 24hr move, 24hr build/retreat
• Random country selection
• Private game

• Games will end when one player has collected 18 SCs or Winter (aka Fall Retreats) 1910 arrives, whichever comes first
• Games will be scored using Sum-of-Squares scoring (pool 100 points)
• Players may play a maximum of 6 games to qualify for the final round
• The qualifying score will be the sum of a player's best 3 games throughout the course of their 3-6 game season
• The top 7 players in the standings by the end of Season II will advance to the finals game on May 8
• The winner from the final game will receive the grand prize of US$50

Come represent PlayDiplomacy! Join a game and talk to fellow participants here: https://discord.gg/5jwdE28
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Re: Discord Diplomacy Tournament - Season II sign-ups open!

Postby zybque » 27 Jan 2019, 20:15

Hi! I reanimated my account today to see if this tournament stirred any excitement here and look! ;)

Some of you already subscribed but mistook it for the webdiplomacy championship. Oops. They will play both tournaments soon. Wish them luck! Others knew what they were doing. Those are usually the dangerous ones.

Tournament mentioned above rebranded to NEXUS Diplomacy tournament. We try to be truly cross-platform so we aim to host here at playdiplomacy too. Right now the playdip part of our community is rather low so I'm reaching out.

This tournament is season based. First games start February 1, last games finish May 1. You can play up to six games during that period. You can start later if you like, you can play more games at the same time if you like, just make sure you get 3 good results in by May 1 to advance.

Ideally all these games can be played here but that's no promise. We need more playdiplomacy players to make that happen so please join!

Here is another invite link: https://discord.gg/hCYbA76

If I'm going to play games (and I probably won't since organising this is already consuming more time I can spare) I hope to do it here. It has been a while.

Hope to see you on discord soon!
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