Ambition & Empire v6.0: Observers Invited (PBEM)

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Ambition & Empire v6.0: Observers Invited (PBEM)

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 20 Dec 2016, 18:38

Hello PbF fans!

I will soon be GM-ing a Play-by-Email game of Ambition & Empire (hereby abbreviated as A&E). A&E is a variant originally designed by Jeff Kase and Baron VonPowell (designer of 1900). The list of players and powers will be announced this week, with first orders due in early January.

(Just to be clear, this is not a Play-by-Forum game. I'm mentioning it here because PBEM shares a lot of similarity with PBF.)


For the latest edition of the map and rules (A&E version 6.0), I joined as a co-designer. You can read more about the decisions we made for this latest version on pages 33-34 of the rules document linked below.

Rules Document:

I know there were some PlayDiplomacy forum folks that observed last year's College of Cardinals game (another Baron VonPowell variant), so I wanted to open up this opportunity to you all this year. Some of the same players will be joining, and they tend to have very good public press.

This is likely to be an entertaining game in a setting that doesn't tend to show up as often in variants (Europe after the Seven Years' War). There are ten players on the map with highly asymmetric starting setups. This variant was one of the first to introduce Minor Powers: neutral SCs and units that players spend Diplomacy Points (DP) to set orders for. This system of Minor Powers enables players that ordinarily wouldn't interact to have meaningful agreements and communication.

Please let me know if you are interested in observing this game. I will need you to PM me your email address; I will then invite you to the applicable Google Groups listserv (from which you can edit your individual message delivery options).
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