ToS Vikings: 953 Spring

Round 1 of the 2019 Tournament of Swords. 8 player variant with rivers. GM'ed by nanooktheeskimo.

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ToS Vikings: 953 Spring

Postby Nanook » 01 Feb 2019, 19:38

Retreats included. Fall orders are due by February 4, 6pm EST/11pm BST.


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**Arab Caliphates: Nuovo Impero Romano**
NMR--All units hold
Cypriot Sea: **Dislodged 1v2**

**Burgundy: RIPScottTenorman**
lig s anc-pisa
Mainz-zurich: **Dislodged 1v2; Disbanded**
ver s mainz-zur: Cut; **Dislodged 1v2**

**Byzantine Empire: Masked Riders**
Napoli support Pisa to Roma
Palermo to Tyrrhenian
Pisa to Roma
Syracuse to Barka
Libyan Sea convoy Syracuse to Barka
Eastern Med Sea support Smyrna to Cypriot Sea
Buda to hold
Spalanto support Buda to hold
Smyrna to Cypriot Sea
Tarsus support Miklagard to Charsiana
Miklagard to Charsiana
Trebizon to Taron
South Black Sea to Miklagard

**Denmark: Dogs of War**
A Jom S Gda -> Brs
F Kal H
F Oer S Kal H
F Bor S Kal H
F Dog -> SoE
F Jrv S Dog -> SoE
F SoE -> Eng
F Rou S SoE -> Eng
F Ham H
A Bru -> Fla
A Ske -> Wml: Bounced 2v2
A Lon S Ske -> Wml

**Francia: Croat Country Crushers**
Paris - Verdun
Koln s Paris - Verdun
Alsace s Koln
Zurich - Lombardi
StG - Lombardi
Bavaria s Fra - Mainz
Fra - Mainz
Graz - Ven
Bra hold
Noi - Maine
Tou - Bay of Biscany
Burgos - Astorias
MAO -Dyvflin: **Dislodged 1v2**

**Norge: CYOC**
A Kir MOVE Wml: Bounced 2v2
F Irish Sea SUPPORT Dyvlin-Mid Atlantic Ocean
F English Channel MOVE Bretagne
F North Sea HOLD
F Norwegian Sea MOVE North Atlantic Ocean
A Hor MOVE Skiringssal
A Nid MOVE Jem
F Dyvlin MOVE Mid Atlantic Ocean

**Slavic Nations: Raven Banner**
NMR--All units hold
Breslau: **Dislodged 1v2**

**Sverige: Goodknight**
A Gothenborg-Birka
F Birka-Gulf of Bothnia
F Gulf of Bothnia-Gulf of Finland
F Baltic Sea-Visby
A Gdansk-Breslau
A Prussia S A Gdansk-Breslau
A Memel-Przemysl
A Holmgard-Rostov
A Muscovy S A Holmgard-Rostov
A Arkhangelsk-Viatka
F Ald-Holmgard

Ale S Jrs H
Jrs S Ale H



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Arabs retreat to Palmyra, Burgundy to Auvergne, Francia to Noi, and Slavs to Praha.

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