ToS Vikings: 952 Spring

Round 1 of the 2019 Tournament of Swords. 8 player variant with rivers. GM'ed by nanooktheeskimo.

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ToS Vikings: 952 Spring

Postby Nanook » 01 Feb 2019, 19:29

Retreats included.



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952 Spring

He craves for water, who comes for refreshment,
drying and friendly bidding,
marks of good will, fair fame if 'tis won,
and welcome once and again.


**Arab Caliphates: Nuovo Impero Romano**
Cordoba support move to berber coast from tunis
Tunis move to berber coast
Plo move to straight of sicily
Cag move to ligurian sea: Bounced
Cypriot Sea support move to Tarsus from Antakya
Trebizion support hold ankara: No corresponding order
Antakya move to Tarsus: Bounced
Astorias support move to Burgos from Segovia
Segovia move to Burgos: **Dislodged 1v2**

**Burgundy: RIPScottTenorman**
Anc-ven: Bounced
pisa s anc-ven
Roma-ligurian: Bounced; **Dislodged 1v2**
avignon-gulf of lyon
marseilles s avignon-gulf of lyon
palma-berber coast: Bounced
Fla-bruges: Bounced

**Byzantine Empire: Masked Riders**
Tyrrhenian support Napoli to Roma
Napoli to Roma
Syr to  Libyan Sea
Ragusa to Ionian Sea
Buda support Venezia to hold
Venezia support Buda to hold: Support cut
Smyrna support Char to Tarsus
Char to Tarsus: Bounced
Ankara to Trebizon: Bounced
Mikla to South Black Sea

**Denmark: Dogs of War**
A Jom -> Brs: Bounced
F Bal C Rev -> Mem: **Dislodged 1v2**
F Kal S Bal H: Support cut
F Hed -> Oer
F Gro  -> Dog
F Ham S Gro -> Dog
A Bru H
F Has -> Eng
F Jrv -> SoE
A Lin -> Wml
A Ske H
**Francia: Croat Country Crushers**
Burgos s Cat - Seg
Toulouse s Burgos hold
Nantes - Noi
BoBiscany s Nantes - Noi
Rouen - Verdun
Hess - Koln
Fra - Als
Bav - Mainz
Bra - Hess
Praha - Bavaria
Graz - Tirol

**Norge: CYOC**
A Str MOVE Kir
F Kir MOVE Irish Sea
F Hybernian Sea MOVE Norwegian Sea
A Ran MOVE Skiringssal                                               
F Irish Sea MOVE Bretagne
A Noi HOLD: **Dislodged 1v2**
F North Sea SUPPORT A Scotland to Lin
A Scotland MOVE Lin
A Var MOVE Lapland

**Slavic Nations: Raven Banner**
Pest support Buda to hold
Cumaniya move Kjonugard
Burta move Mordvin
Smo hold
Ruthenia support Cumaniya Kjonugard
Kaffa move Burta
Breslau support Przemysl hold: Support cut
Przemyslf support Breslau hold
Arkhangelsk move Viatka

**Sverige: Goodknight**
A Ald-Karelia
A Rostov-Muscovy
F Memel-Baltic Sea
F Gulf of Bothnia S F Memel-Baltic Sea
A Reval-Memel
A Gdansk S A Reval-Memel
A Visby H
F Upp-Birka
A Got-Kalmar: Bounced
Kjonugard: **Dislodged 1v2**

Lon H
Ale S Jrs H
Jrs S Ale H



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Arabs retreats to Lisboa, Burgundy disbands Roma, Denmark retreats to Bor, Norge disbands, and Sverige retreats to Garderike.
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